Finding Oily Skincare Products That Are Safe and Effective Does not Have to Be Hard


Oily skin can often be a difficult thing to treat. Many people get the condition when they enter their teen years and then they get over it. Others are afflicted with it for most of their lives. The over production of sebum (the body's natural oil) is the reason that the skin feels and looks oily. The cause of this condition is both genetic and hormonal. Genes may make you more susceptible to getting it but hormones determine when and how often the problem arises. And, while there are a variety of oily skincare products available, some of them can actually aggravate the condition causing the glands to secrete more sebum and others (due to the harsh chemicals and astringents in them) may be harmful to the skin and body. So how do you know which products are safe and effective and which are not?

Dermatologists say that you should use the gentlest oily skincare cleansing solution on your skin but do not over do it. Washing your skin twice a day should be enough. Over cleaning can damage and dry out the skin.

While it may look and feel like your skin is getting the moisture that it needs to stay healthy, the opposite is true. The oil secret may trap moisture in your skin but it does not restore the moisture that is lost over time. As we age, our skin loses its ability to retain moisture so even people with oily skin need to use moisturizing lotion. Oily skincare lotions that contain jojoba oil are very effective at restoring the moisture that is lost without adding more oil to the skin.

Tip: When choosing an oily skincare moisturizing product; avoid those with mineral oil listed on the ingredient label. Mineral oil has been known to clog pores and increase the chance of an acne outbreak.

For cleansing, you should look into oily skincare cleansing solutions that contain active manuka honey. Active manuka honey (that is manuka honey with a UMF rating) has been clinically proven to be one of the best antibacterial substances around. Its deep cleansing action unclogs pores, loosing and then removing the dirt and grime deep within them. It antibacterial properties fight the bacteria that leads to infections but not just those involved in acne but also staph and MRSA. The healing property of this amazing discovery soothes and restores the skin to its healthy state.

Having oily skin can be embarrassing and worse it can lead to serious acne outbreaks. Over cleaning or using oily skincare products that contain harsh chemicals and astringents can actually result in more skin damage. But, there is hope for people who suffer from this common problem. By cleansing twice a day with a solution that contains active manuka honey and then applying a moisturizing cream that contains jojoba oil, you can have soft, less oily, healthier skin.

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