Finding a Matte Bronzer – Perfect For Your Skin and Understated

Matte bronzers are harder to find than one would think; most of them contain a sheen, sparkle or some sort of shine. Cargo Bronzing Powder in Medium Matte for $25 it’s a beautifully subtle bronzer. My all-time favorite is the Clinique matte bronzer. It’s not orange the way that some bronzers can look. The price point is decent as well; Clinique is one of the affordable department store brands.

Make sure to apply bronzers with a larger powder brush. Simply using your blush brush can run you into trouble. The problem is that a blush brush will concentrate the color into a small area. You might end up with severe-looking streaks. With bronzer you want a more global glow. I recommend investing in a large powder brush. Sephora or Ulta are great retailers for brushes. My favorites include the Vincent Longo Deluxe Blush Brush, the Sephora professional bronzer brush, and the Nars bronzer brush. Remember, brushes are an investment, so they may seem expensive. But brushes are a one-time purchase if you maintain them. Frequently wash them with mild soap or makeup brush soap. Ulta and beauty supply stores sometimes have sales, so you might want to hunt for a good price.

Another route to take would be to try a liquid bronzer. They are blendable, the intensity of color can be controlled and they finish matte. This choice might be scary for some. A liquid bronzer seems hard to control and dark when it squeezes out of the bottle. But it’s really quite simple to use. They’re easier to blend than a traditional powder-based product: use two fingers held together and blend in a circular motion on the apples of the cheek outward, your forehead and the chin area. As a fair-skinned girl, I recommend the Stila Sun gel bronzer – It’s going to look the most natural, without any shine. To take any shine out of the finish, apply your usual translucent powder. And, a beach glow without the sun!

And yet another option would be to try a gradual face self-tanner. I like this option because it makes your face look beautiful with very little makeup on. I am not a fan of the Jergens Daily Glow for face product. I do like the Jergens Daily glow for body though. I frequently break out from the face lotion, though. I’ve heard this complaint from many women as well. I absolutely love Lancome self-tanning products for the face. The color is believable and does not streak. So for summer, consider doing a longer wearing face-décolleté tan with a self tanner.

Whether you choose bronzer, liquid bronzer or a self tan, the best bet is to try a few products. Go to a beauty retailer like Macy’s, Sephora and Ulta and choose the product right for your skintone. Obviously make sure to use test applicators, and use your discretion to keep things hygienic. But every skintone is different so doing the legwork is a smart option.