Find Your Partner's Erogenous Zones To Improve Your Sex Life


Most likely when we talk about sex we came across to the term of "Erogenous Zones." Most men have a rough idea to what these zones actually are, but we should remember that not everyone has the change to get as much detail as one would like. These zones are the areas of the human body which filled with the highly sensitive nerve endings that will send more sensations to your brain. For example; Imagine your partner taking you by the hand and then imagine that her hand wrapping around your penis. It's quite clear that the penal will send far more powerful sensation, which is also sexually stimulating. There are many other zones spread around your body, each of them with some known or suspected purpose.

The best ways to find these areas are by experimenting and exploring your partner's body. It is very important that you find these zones in order to improve and spice-up your sex life. You have no idea what you are missing if you do not try to find these highly sensitive areas of her body. Surprisingly, the largest concentration of female erogenousones is found in all places of her body. You can start with soles and toes, which can be nicely massaged or licked, and moving up to the sensitive skin of her ankles and the thighs. Her buttocks are one of the zone hot spots of the body. Most women love to be touched there and some actually enjoy a light spanking.

Then there is the lips, the nape of the neck and her breasts. However, you have to be careful if you want to play with her breasts, because every woman has their own erogenous preferences, some women are not actually aroused by you playing their breasts. Finally we reach the largest erogenous zones of the body. The clitoris, vulva, perineum and anus together make up what is probably the largest hot spot for erotic sensations. This is the place where you can let your fingers and lips play as much as you like, of course if your partner has no objections.

Get to know this area well because it can certainly be the gate to sex heaven and a man who really knows how to play down there is worth his weight in gold.