Find Out the Popular Tricks Hosting Companies Pull on the Web

Web hosting offers nowadays number in the thousands and so do web hosting scams. Building a website is easy, finding a web host is even easier. Finding a good web host however is a challenge. The problem is compounded by the many hosting scams running around in the internet nowadays.

A search online of web hosting offers will net you several thousand offers, many of which are offering unbelievable benefits to potential clients such as unlimited bandwidth, free disk space, free domain names and what not. It is easy to fall for these offers, particularly because of how much benefit it could bring your website, if they were only true. Unfortunately, they are not.

Take the case of unlimited bandwidth for instance. A little bit of research and good sense will tell you that unlimited bandwidth is just not possible. There is always a limit to bandwidth. When hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth, what they have really done is to find out the average bandwidth that their customers use and then use that as a measure of how much bandwidth you may use if you become one of their clients.

Free disk space web hosting scams are a bit more obvious. Whenever you see web hosts offering unlimited disk space, check out the fine print. You will find their terms like "certain restrictions applicable". Yes, you can get free disk space, usually around five to ten megabytes. It is those restrictions that you should keep an eye on. Make sure you know what those restrictions actually are before you commit to a deal.

One of the more popular web hosting scams is free domain names. That sounds good until you find out that the address of your website will be something like Not only does that look ugly but it is also destructive to your online efforts. First off, no one is going to remember that website address. Second, those many slashes mean your page rank is going to be so low, you might as well take your site offline. Lastly, people online know that a website with this type of URL is rarely trustworthy and respectable. You are not going to be taken seriously and you might just damage what little reputation you've built up instead.

The above are just three examples of scams in hosting. There are several more so make sure that you remain vigilant in selecting your web host. Always take the time to read the fine print and do the right amount of research before you sign up for a web host. Also, remember that a web hosting deal that sounds too good to be true usually is a web hosting scam.