Find Out How to Take Care of a Hickey

What is a hickey?

Hickeys are in reality reddish spots on the affected skin or bruises. They normally turn up after a strong kiss to the skin and are also popular as “love bites”. Normally they lead to more shame when compared to enjoyment. Whoever obtains a hickey quite often makes an attempt to cover it and get away from it being noticed, so although many individuals simply like making hickeys there are more people that actually dislike having ones.

How exactly does a hickey show up?

You are able to believe that the hickey is a signature of ownership. Others will say that they are a love gift. However, the one giving the hickey in most cases would like it to be noticeable, and then creates it to the neck where it really can be viewed easily. Hickeys can be made around the foot, as well, however nobody will ever notice these thus there is actually absolutely no good reason to make them there. A second good reason that explains why the neck is definitely the most popular part of “hickey makers” is because our skin on the neck is very delicate as well as the hickeys show up with minimal work

How to get rid of a hickey?

Like we said before, the hickey is a bruise and therefore it needs to be handled appropriately. However, it may be left without treatment and it’s still going to disappear – with many people more quickly and with other people slowly. We all receive at least one hickey in a lifetime, which means you actually understand the complications they may produce.

Then again follow this advice for precisely what you can do:

  • Using a cold compress on your love bite is something which can help.
  • Another method is to try to brush the hickey with a tooth brush in rounded movements from the inside of the hickey to the outside. That may enhance the circulation and definitely will speed up the recovery process although the affected area would be red-colored at the beginning. And after that procedure, using a chilly compress is a good idea.


When you recall the discomfort and issues you’ve had to eliminate the hickey you’ll definitely consider if you would give out or take a hickey ever again. Having this on your mind, you will not have to be concerned what many other people or perhaps your parents would probably think.