Find Cures For Insomnia That Work For You


Are you driving yourself crazy trying to fall sleep at night? There are several over-the-counter remedies available at your local pharmacy. Most of them are based on the same active ingredient (diphenhydramine), so there's really no point in trying them all. Without, of course, trying new things is fun for you. Otherwise, night after night of ineffective cures for insomnia will probably be frustrating. Would not it be wonderful if you could deal with the cause of your insomnia directly and get rid of your sleeplessness once and for all?

Insomnia often has a simple cause. Most of the time, your inability to sleep is connected to events earlier in your day. The most common cause of sleeplessness is stress. Many people's lives are filled with stressful situations. As a result, we spend a lot of our time in fight or flight mode. Unfortunately, we can rarely do either. So the stress builds up, our bodily systems struggle to cope, and we end our day physically exhausted, but mentally wired. It's definitely not the best combination for a good night's sleep.

The first reaction that you may have to the problem of insomnia is to seek out sleep aids. At first, you may try over-the-counter pills. These may work at first, but your body will typically get used to them and stop responding. Plus, these can often cause morning drowsiness and a dry mouth.

The next step for many is to ask their doctor for prescription sleep aids. These may work better at first, but do not count on using them for the long haul. Your doctor will want to help you find the root cause of your sleep problems, and take you off prescription medications as soon as possible.

A better solution would be to avoid these alleged cures for insomnia and try some natural relaxation techniques. Deep breathing, visualization and short meditations can work wonders at bedtime, naturally switching your body into sleep mode. Try putting a few drops of lavender essential oil on a cotton ball next to your pillow. The natural action of lavender aroma may help you relax and go to sleep more easily.

Herbal sleep aids that contain lemon balm and valerian root have also been proven to be effective, in some cases outperforming pharmaceutical solutions. The point is that you should not limit yourself to pills from the pharmacy. Try the complete range of natural cures for insomnia. You're almost sure to find something that works, and that you can keep using without fear of side effects or dependence.