Filling Out The Form I 751

If you obtained your conditional green card through marriage to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you will be required to use the form I 751 to apply to the USCIS to request removal of the conditions attached to your green card and receive a 10 year green card without any conditions attached to it.

The following steps takes you through the 7 sections contained in the form I 751 that you would be required to complete and file to effectively remove the conditions attached with your permanent resident card.

1. Information about you. Provide the name in full, legal name, mailing address and personal information.

2. Basis for the petition: If the application is filed for removing the conditions jointly with your spouse, check option “a”. If you as a child are filing an indepent petition, check option “b”. If you are not filing a joint petition and requesting a waiver, check any one of the remaining options.

3. Additional information about you (applicant). If you have ever been known by any other names, list them. Also list out the date and place of your marriage, spouse’s date of death (if applicable). If none applies write N/A and check yes or no for the remaining questions.

4. Information about the spouse or parent. Provide the details about your spouse (or parent, if you are the child filing independently) through whom you gained your conditional residence.

5. Information about your children. Provide for the full name, birth date, alien registration number (if any) and current status for each of your children in this part of your form I 751.

6. Signature. Affix your signature and print your name and date of the form I 751. If you are filing jointly, your spouse should also sign the form I 751.

7. Signature of person preparing form I 751: If its a third party, which could be a lawyer, that had prepared the form for you, he or she should sign in this section. If you completed the form by yourself, you may write “N/A” on the line provided for affixing the signature.


1. Type or print legibly which should be done using a blank ink. The form I 751 can be filled out online using an Adobe reader, or you may also fill out the form I 751 manually.

2. If necessary, attach additional sheets. If an extra space is required to complete a question, attach an addendum with your name, ARN (Alien Registration Number), and date at the top of the page. Make sure to indicate the question number and sign and date the page.

3. Make it a point to answer all the questions. If a particular question is not applicable to your current situation write N/A. If the answer to the question is none write as “None”

4. If you are married to your US citizen spouse, and are still living together, you will be eligible for naturalization if you have established the 3 year residency requirement. Even if the form I 751 is still pending, USCIS will not approve your citizenship application until the form I 751 is approved. You may file form N-400, but there may be some delay.