Fight Diabetes With an Alkaline Diet!

Diabetes is a dangerous chronic disease that can eventually lead to death. In the meantime, it can lead to numerous detrimental complications such as blindness, kidney disease, amputation and neurological issues. Diabetes can also lead to heart disease and stroke.

What’s the problem? ACID! If you have diabetes or any other disease, it is likely that your body is very acidic (the medical term is Acidosis). Acidity is the result of a bad diet, drinking soda and other acidic drinks- even many of the so called healthy drinks on the market including most bottled waters.

Acidity is also caused by stress, anxiety and the overall environment we live in. Our bodies were not designed to metabolize and digest processed foods, large amounts of animal proteins, chemicals and pesticides. Diseases such as diabetes love a cozy, polluted, acidic environment. This environment allows disease to progress, run rampant, and wreak havoc on your heath and quality of life!

The Keys to Fighting Diabetes – Return Your Body to its Natural Alkaline State

  • Eat more raw fruits and vegetables- they are very alkaline. Buy organic when you can. Clean your produce thoroughly as pesticides left on foods metabolize to acid in your body. If you don’t like raw vegetables, steam them lightly to a slight tenderness. This alone could improve your diabetes.
  • Reduce the amount of animal protein in your diet. Use less meat in your meals by replacing some of your meat with legumes such as dried beans (rinsed and cooked), nuts, seeds, and even try some soy products.
  • Reduce your consumption of dairy products. Try soy milk for example and plain unsweetened yogurt.
  • Reduce the stress and anxiety in your life and learn how to deal with what you can’t change. Stress alone creates massive amounts of acid in your body. Diabetes loves the acid created by stress! There are many good books and audio materials on the market to help you relax. Stress and anger don’t make issues go away.
  • Drink high quality alkaline antioxidant water. This will neutralize the acids created when your body metabolizes acidic food, pesticides, and other contaminants. Invest in a high quality water ionizer to make your alkaline water. Many people who start drinking alkaline water experience a significant improvement in their diabetes in a short amount of time. Many no longer need their medications.

Drinking healthy alkaline antioxidant water will put your alkalizing efforts way ahead of the game. This alone could help you get control of your diabetes quickly and naturally. Alkalizing by diet alone can be difficult, but water that detoxifies and energizes you is the key to changing your health and your life. You will have more energy, mental clarity, alkalizing enhances weight loss efforts and you will feel a renewed feeling of well-being. You can live a longer, healthier, happier life just by changing a few simple things in your diet and by changing the water you drink. You could take control of your diabetes instead of having your diabetes control you.

To Your Health!