Fight Childhood Obesity With Healthy Foods: Fruits and Vegetables Matter!

I want you to imagine a class of 25 twelve-year-old students. Study the class and you see children that could be future designers, editors, lawyers, and more. Now, in the US, classrooms like this all across the country have over 17 of the students with the beginning stages of hardening of the treaties!

That's a shocking statement; I know. However, it was discovered by the Bogalusa Heart Study 70% of the children studied had their arteries begin to harden by age 12. Impossible you may say? Unfortunately it's not, but consider what the future is going to be like for children who are developing such disastrous ailments at such a young age?

As an educator, I see students everyday carrying drinks full of sugar, candies and muffins from vending machines that are bursting with everything but nutrition. Simply put, the absence of sustenance in our children's diets has become prevalent in this country.

We, as adults, have to take action and find ways to reverse the dead end path so many of our children are on. Just to give you an idea of ​​how hard it is to change patterns learned early in life. Reflect on this, the International Journal of Obesity says that today not only are 1 in 4 children obese, but that 50% of those children will develop into obese adults.

How do we turn this around so that our children can age to have healthy and productive lives? Well, it's simple. Our children need nutrition that will benefit them as they grow. Hey, even our government has realized it. After devoting billions of dollars on trying to cure a variety of diseases, the government learned that it is much easier to prevent ailments than to cure them. That is why the USDA has begun its "Choose My Plate" Campaign, which calls for Americans to have half of our plates filled with fruits and vegetables.

Okay. I understand. We as adults know that we are supposedly made to make healthy choices, but we still do not follow our own advice at times. So, we teach our children about nutrition and hope they make informed decisions, but what if they do not. What if when you are not looking they are gawking at the goodies in the vending machine or stopping into a fast food restaurant.

Would not it be great to know that your child is receiving the fruits and vegetables in their diet every day? Would not it also be nice to know that you do not have to fight with them about foods that will help them grow strong and be in good physical shape?

Well, it just so happens there is.