Fight Anxiety by Naturally Increasing Hormones

Hopefully you know by now how drastic effect that your Life Hormones (testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, pregnenolone, and DHEA) play in not only fat storage / loss but also in regulating mood. Studies have been unaware that not only do imbalances in these essential life hormones cause you to gain more fat, lose more muscle, and experience declining energy levels, but they also have been linked to several anxiety disorders.

Not only that but new studies show that these life hormone imbalances have the ability to predispose a person to depression and anxiety because of the stress response linked to cortisol and DHEA. During times of stress your body often produces excessive amounts of cortisol, and without the proper level of DHEA and testosterone, your hormone balance shifts towards high cortisol concentrations.

These higher cortisol levels and life hormone imbalances lead to excessive anxiety can cause people to exaggerate fright, and nervousness, often leading to dread in response to internal or external stimuli. If anxiety disorders go untreated that can have severe detrimental effects on productivity as well as ability to disrupted daily life. Surprising statistics state that nearly 24 million American's are affected by anxiety disorders, and that more than 15% will experience an anxiety disorder in their lifetime.

What seems to be an even better reason to pay close attention to anxiety levels is the apparent correlation between chronic anxiety and higher risk of death and morbidity from cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, cardiac ischemia, as well as predisposing Americans to a wide range of other diseases .Not only that but people with extreme anxiety disorders that have recently experienced major negative life events like divorce or financial ruin are at an increased risk of suicidal behavior.

Be wary of anxiety disorders and make sure you find an doctor who specializes in Hormone Therapy to evaluate your levels.