Fibromyalgia Swelling

Fibromyalgia as a disease is extremely difficult to diagnose. The primary reason is that the symptoms are such that they often mislead doctors towards belonging that they belong to some other illness. The most basic symptom of this disease is muscular pain along with inflammation or swelling. For this reason, it is often confused with arthritis mainly because both arthritis and fibromyalgia primarily affect the joints.

Unlike, arthritis though, a number of patients of fibromyalgia actually just experience a sensation of swelling rather than an actual swelling at the joints. Such sensations are common to most patients of fibromyalgia. One may also experience certain creepy crawly sensations on one? S body, which is a part of the discomfort that accompanies the condition.

Swelling or damage in the joints is known as arthritis. Some patients affected by arthritis though, could also be suffering from fibromyalgia. The swelling caused because of fibromyalgia occurs mostly in the hands and the feet. This can be used as a distinguishing tool between patients of arthritis and those of fibromyalgia. While those suffering from fibromyalgia get swellings that resemble edema, those suffering from arthritis get swelling which are particularly located at the joints.

One thing that one must always keep in mind is the fact that in case of the disease under discussion, the swelling will never be in the painful areas. Yet, if one exerts pressure over the painful areas then the patient is sure to wince.

The amount of swelling one has on one? S body parts is defined by the amount of stress that the patient is undergoing. If the patient is under minimum emotional stress then the swelling on his or her body will be barely visible and vice versa. The swelling on a patient? S body is thus, an indicator of his emotional condition as well.