Fibroid Tumors

This is a long overdue article for American females. So many females are plagued with uterine fibroid  tumors , older women as well as young teenage girls. Well, what are fibroids and how do they develop?

Fibroid  tumors  are benign growths that form on the interior muscular wall of the uterus. They also develop on the exterior of the uterus. I actually call fibroids what they really are – “trash bags.” That’s right! The average American female’s body is so toxic (just like the average American male) and the major eliminative organs (colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin) are either sluggish or outright doesn’t work, that the body’s intelligence actually causes an internal trash bag to form in the body to hold the toxic fluidic waste. This is the  tumor . A  tumor  is a trash bag.  Tumors  hold waste to prevent the waste from circulating throughout the body.

The fibroid  tumors  range in sizes from small cherries to grapefruits and cantaloupe. The amazing thing is that many women who have fibroid  tumors  don’t even know they have them until diagnosed by a doctor. At first they are not painful, but as they grow, the pain subtly sets in. If you could see what a fibroid  tumor  looks like, it would gross you out. A good friend of mine named Tanya actually had her surgical removal of a fibroid  tumor  filmed.

A cousin of mine had a few fibroid  tumors  in her body as big as lemons and oranges. She was only 19 years of age. So fibroid  tumors  have hit very close to home for me personally.

Fibroid  tumors  are primarily caused by eating and drinking dairy (liquefied cow snot/mucus) products, e.g. ice cream, sour cream, cheese, yogurt and milk; and eating meat (slaughtered animal flesh).

The number one cause of fibroid  tumors  is dairy products. I find many females are hooked on dairy, especially cheese. It’s mind boggling to me because they have no idea of how cheese is processed. In order to make cheese, baby male cows are killed and their stomachs are cut open and their intestines are added to the cheese because of the intestinal enzymes. This is true! Disgusting, but true!

All that ice cream, cheese, and milk chocolate will eventually do a female in. To eat dairy products is to sign a contract for fibroid  tumors .

Refined grains also play a role in the development of fibroid  tumors , but dairy products are the major culprit. Just imagine what’s in that fibroid  tumor  – mucus, parasites and worms, and toxins to name a few.

Some  tumors  can grow so big that they can actually interfere with pregnancy. Most doctors will talk a woman with fibroid  tumors  into having an abortion for the sake of the fetus and the health of the woman.

Like with all other diseases, you can be healed of fibroid  tumors . How? By dissolving them with herbs (in addition to modified diet)! You will excrete them out of your body via urination and defecation (and clotting via menstruation, if your body chooses this outlet). It will take some time, but they will eventually dissolve.

Fibroid  tumors  can make sexual intercourse very complicated due to immense pain and post-intercourse bleeding. They can greatly threaten pregnancy. They can also cause heavy and frequent menstrual periods, in addition to lethargy and fatigue and weakness. 40% of American females will unfortunately develop fibroid  tumors  in their lifetime, beginning as early as age 12.

I put together a formula for women and girls with fibroid  tumors  called “Fibroid Buster.” After doing our 3-week Full Body Detox (to start the healing and cleansing process), you can begin the anti-fibroid regimen by taking 6 capsules of Fibroid Buster per day.

Fibroid Buster is a formula that will help dissolve fibroid  tumors  in addition to cleansing the blood and the female channel. Fibroid Buster consists of the following herbs: Ashoka, Musta, Red Clover, White Oak Bark, Burdock, Carbon, Yucca, Manjistha, Goldenseal, Dong Quai, Squawvine, Cayenne, Witch Hazel Bark, Comfrey, and Rhatany.

Fibroid Buster is a powerful female reproductive channel and area astringent and alterative. It is 100% safe and sane, all-natural, and purely vegan. A 2 month supply is only $70

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