Fibroid Tumor Symptoms – What Are They?

At times, fibroid tumor symptoms go unnoticed in women, and for some, they affect everyday life dramatically. They often grow in groups, and can be little as a pea, or as big as a grapefruit. They most often occur before menopause, and effect 80% of the female population. Main fibroid tumor symptoms are:

1. Pain in the lower abdomen or bladder irritation. It comes and goes for some, and stays almost constant for others. If they grow near the vagina, pain during sex is common.

2. Pressure in the lower abdomen or bladder- This can make you have to urinate often, and feel as if you might urinate on yourself.

3. One of the most common fibroid tumor symptoms is having periods that are heavy. They may even bleed in between periods or bleed for 8 days or more. This can also result in anemia due to blood loss.

4. Fibroid symptoms also include a growing waistline and altered shape of the abdomen. While there is no real weight gain, your clothes will fit tighter around your stomach.

5. Infertility- If there are fibroids in the uterus, an egg will not be able to implant itself, leading to infertility or miscarriages. If the growth is near the fallopian tube, then the egg cannot be released, and the sperm cannot get to the egg. When this happens, pregnancy cannot. Just about any growth like this will compromise the ability to become or stay pregnant.

There are many fibroid tumor symptoms that can severely affect a woman’s life, and send her searching for natural cures for fibroids.