Female Thinning Hair – Essential Information

If your hair is thinning to any degree it can be a cause for worry. It is actually a fairly common problem but one that is not generally spoken about openly. In most circumstances the amount of hair that is lost can be controlled by the right treatment and medication. Female thinning hair is different than what occurs in men. The pattern is not the same, and it will usually only affect women over fifty.

When a woman's hair starts to thin it can be very disturbing as at first it is unknown if it will be a permanent issue or just temporary. If the amount of thinning is a concern then you can seek medical advice as it may be the symptom of something more serious. It is important to make an appointment with a health specialist any time you have medical problems no matter how trivial it may seem at first.

In many cases hair thinning is caused by a hormonal imbalance. It can happen that a woman's body becomes overly sensitive to male known hormones as androgens. When this occurs the hair follicles in the scalp are affected. Such a hormonal problem can occur in both men and women but its appearance will differ. Women will not be afflicted with the total loss of hair from the scalp as happens with large numbers of men. There are usually three types of patterns that afflict women, all of them involve a general thinning of the hair though it may often be localised on one part of the scalp.

Hair thinning can be caused by other problems apart from hormones. Sometimes it may be psychological. There is a condition called trichotillomania which is diagnosed in women that continuously pull their hair. Such an action can lead to a patchy amount of coverage. The best treatment for this condition involves seeing a therapist.

It is now known that there is an auto immune disorder, alopecia areata, which can result in serious hair thinning in women. In extreme cases it may even cause baldness.

There are a few medical issues that can develop at a young age and cause hair thinning or a complete loss, an example being triangular alopecia. There is medication available for this problem but its actual cause has yet to be discovered.

If you have a very sensitive metabolism and are prone to allergies then you will need to take extra special care when using hair products. It is common to find shampoos and other treatments that contain high levels of chemicals. These substances can easily cause an irritation to the scalp which may lead to hair thinning. It is better for your hair, scalp, and overall health to choose hair products that contain only natural ingredients.

If you often color or dye your hair then you are more likely to suffer damage. The chemicals contained in most color treatments will affect the cells in your hair. It can take many years for the scalp and hair to recover from chemical damage. You should always use the softest least harmful substances on your hair.