Female Sexual Dysfunction: Tips and Advice

Men aren’t the only ones who suffer from sexual dysfunction. Of course with the wild popularity of Viagra, it’s men who get the attention, but women are just as likely to experience sexual dysfunction as men.

Female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) is one of the most common forms of female sexual dysfunction. Women who experience FSAD are often described as “frigid” because of their cold attitude towards sex and their lack of desire or willingness to engage in sexual intercourse, but according to many doctors, FSAD is not simply a psychological disinterest in sex, but a physical problem.

Women who experience female sexual arousal disorder suffer from an inability to become sexual aroused. The problem is long-lasting, not just a one-off occurrence. One reason for this is inadequate lubrication. These women also may not experience any swelling to indicate sexual excitement.

The cause of FSAD, particularly vaginal dryness, can be attributed to a number of things.

• First, menopause can cause vaginal dryness and an overall disinterest in sex.

• Also, there are many psychological causes that can lead to the physical symptoms of FSAD, particularly a traumatic childhood or adolescent sexual experience involving rape or molestation.

• Too much exposure to pornography or an over-influence by models can cause a woman to suffer from a drop in self esteem. A poor body image could disrupt a women’s ability to attain sexual pleasure.

• Circulation problems could prevent the proper blood flow to the genitals, preventing vaginal lubrication or engorgement and reducing the possibility of orgasm and sexual pleasure, thus turning a woman off from the desire to pursue sexual experiences.

To treat female sexual disorder, a woman may decide to seek counseling to deal with underlying psycho-sexual problems, or to try a female sexual enhancement product. There are a number of sexual dysfunction products on the market which have proven to increase the flow of blood to the vagina, thus increasing lubrication and sensitivity to the vagina. There are certain herbs in Chinese medicine that have been known to increase arousal in women.