Female Libido – What Causes Low Libido in Women

In recent years, female libido has soon become a debatable issue among people in society and nowadays, people are very much concerned about this issue that was forgotten till date! The fact is that most of the women in this world, some time in their lives, experience decreased female libido (low sexual drive and trouble in getting sexual pleasure even during and after sexual stimulation and orgasm). This is very common to happen since normal hormonal fluctuations do occur with age, menstrual cycles, and pregnancy.

A loss of female libido is nothing to be ashamed of, but then too many women feel embarrassed to discuss sexual problems with their health care providers. A woman should surely share any issues she has about her libido with her health care provider or gynecologist, since sometimes a loss of libido could reflect some underlying medical condition.

According to survey, women suffer from low libido more than that of the men. Men have had benefits of capsules/pills for their sexual dysfunction since many years, and it is only fair when the women too have similar options about their female libido remedies. Thinking upon the same, scientists came up with lots of formulas that help in enhancing female libido.

Causes for decreased female libido:

There are many causes that contribute to decreased female libido. On clinical basis, there are various different sexual issues that women face in their lives one or the other time. Many women do not have problems with their sexual life or sexual desire, but often find it difficult to attain the sexual climax. Other women may simply gain orgasm, but it is not satisfying enough to be a great event. There are some women who have fully lost their sexual desire and thoughts. There are many factors for the sexual dysfunction and finding out the exact cause for a specific problem in individual woman is what the foremost thing to be done to have an appropriate treatment for female libido.

A healthy libido or sexuality defers from woman-to-woman. Every woman is unique and what could be normal for one may be not so easy going for another. There are many examples when low female libido is due to imbalance in hormonal levels. A simple blood test is helpful to rule out any hormonal deficits and imbalances. It is very essential that a woman should be friendly enough to describe her sexual difficulties, so that a proper treatment plan can be carried out based upon the condition described.

Some known causes for disturbed female libido include

1. Anxiety

2. Depression

3. Lack of Sleep

4. Weight Fluctuations

5. Excessive Dieting

6. Strenuous Exercise

7. Stress

8. Mental Illness

9. Medical Conditions

10. Menopause

11. Pregnancy

12. Age

13. Drug Abuse

14. Illness

15. Surgery

16. Medications

17. Menstruation

18. Alcohol Abuse

The treatment for female libido

Treatment depends upon the causes. Generally female libido enhancing herbs may be helpful. Herbs such as Shatavari, Ashoka and Lodra are said to be very useful. In case of hormone insufficiency, female hormone supplements are to be prescribed.