Female Libido Enhancers Offer A Natural Solution To Sexual Dysfunction

Before looking at the efficacy of the natural ingredients in female libido enhancers, it is important to note that some form of FSD (female sexual dysfunction) affects 1 in 7 women worldwide. Breastfeeding, pregnancy, anxiety, and stress can cause a woman to lose her desire for sexual activity. Other causes are depression, anger, drug or alcohol abuse, disease, illness, and relationship issues.

Women often ignore the problem, hoping it will resolve itself. The fear of having a low sex drive actually exacerbates the problem. This creates a cycle that is hard to break. To stop it, women with FSD need to first identify the cause of their sexual issues.

When the problem is established, women’s libido enhancers can help break the cycle. For centuries, natural herbs have been used to increase women’s desire for sex, help them to reach orgasm and lubricate the vagina. Most of the enhancing products on the market contain some key ingredients.

L-Arginine is a nutrient that stimulates the production of nitric oxide which boosts blood circulation. Without it, women would not experience vaginal arousal and men would not achieve erections. The enhancers also contain epimedium which is a potent herb that grows in the Mediterranean and parts of Asia. Today, it is widely used as a natural aphrodisiac throughout the world. It also combats fatigue.

Maca is a root vegetable (similar to a radish) which grows naturally in the harsh climates of South America’s Andes Mountains. The native Indians have used it with great effect for thousands of years to increase fertility and enhance sexual virility in women and men. Its other benefits for women include reducing hot flashes, increasing sex drive, and decreasing other uncomfortable menopausal symptoms.

Yohimbine extract comes from the bark of indigenous evergreen trees in regions of West Africa. This too has been used by ancient African tribes as a natural aphrodisiac for sexual enhancement. More benefits are heightened sensation in the genital area, as well as an overall increase of physical stamina and energy.

Most female libido enhancers also contain an extract from the leaves of the small Damiana shrub which grows in abundance on the rocky, sun-drenched hills of Central America, Mexico, Southern California, and Texas. The Mayan Indians have used it for centuries. The herb is a powerful sexual enhancer and its effects improve with regular use. Some people have reported positive results after just four days. It also lessens menstrual pain and strengthens women’s hormonal systems.