Female Erogenous Zones – A Guide to Understanding Her Clitoris, Deep Spot and G-Spot

When a guys first having sex, their knowledge of female anatomy can be quite limited. While our early experiences with pornography enable us to find the clitoris without too much trouble, it takes a little bit of experimenting with a real woman before you can find the G-spot and other erogenous zones. Therefore it is useful to do both: read up on the major erogenous zones so that you know where to find them and to allow yourself a little experimenting to find where the spots actually are.

Female Erogenous Areas

The first one to find is the clitoris. Luckily thanks to guides and the internet, most guys know where it is. Do not worry if you do not it is easily found by going slightly up from the vaginal opening. It should be a visible area of ​​flesh that sticks out slightly from the surrounding flesh.This can be touched in a range of different ways depending on the woman. Some women prefer you to lick and cares the sides of the clitoris, never actually touching the main part. Other women find that this is not enough and prefer direct touching, usually with a little lubrication or saliva to reduce the friction.

Once that has been mastered the next one is usually the perineum. Often this is the forgotten erogenous zone and women will be surprised if you know it. The perineum is found between the vaginal opening and the anal opening. Usually the skin here is slightly darker. This area is usually a bit tougher, so you can usually stroke it before you would stroke her clitoris, so can be a good way to start having sex. It can also be touched without lubrication, but a little lubrication will make it better for her.

Internal Erogenous Zones

The G-spot is one of the most sensual areas to find. Most women describe it as being their favorite place to be touched. It is inside her vagina on the upper wall. Usually the easiest way to find it is to penetrate her with your fingers with the palm facing up, then gently curl your fingers. One area should feel a little different / rougher than the surrounding tissue. This is the G-spot. This spot is great as it gives her massive orgasms and is involved in almost every advanced orgasm including squirting orgasms. Usually the best way to touch it is with this gentle stroking motion, increasing the speed as she comes to orgasm.

There are also other erogenous zones inside the vagina. There is' G-spot'-like area a little deeper in her vagina called the Deep Spot. Many women say that the orgasm is more intense when this area is stroked.

Female Erogenous Zones

Women have a lot of erogenous areas of which these are simply the major ones. By combining the stimulus from a lot of these zones, guys can give their partners an awesome times in bed and also show her that they know how and where to touch a woman: both of which are BIG pluses to women. Once your knowledge of her most erotic areas is combined with great technique, you will soon be the best lover that she has ever had.