Female Ejaculation – How to Make Her Ejaculate


It may surprise you, but female ejaculation does exist! When a woman ejaculates, there will be some amount (sometimes a lot) of fluids coming out from here glands and urethra before and after orgasm. Also known as gushing or squirting, female ejaculation is a sign of her orgasm. Why it's important to make your partner ejaculate? Simple: it produces fluids that will make penetration more enjoyable later. In this article you will learn how to stimulate her to make her ejaculate.

  1. Prepare her: before you start, you need to put her in the mood of love. You can not just put her on bed, take off her cloth and do whatever you want. I recommend that you start by preparing an environment for love. You may include following check list: soft and comfy pillow. In addition, make sure you smell good and look good. Arrange a special date for sex, and let her know that she's the queen of the night.
  2. Turn her on: as rule of thumb, you must keep your foreplay to at least 20 minutes as women take long time to be aroused. To begin with, slowly take off remove her clothes and yours as well. Take the time to caress, stroke and rub her gentle body. You may explore her body with different methods, including kissing, biting, licking, stroking, and rubbing. Always monitor her body response and breathing to find out how to best turn her on.
  3. Locate her G-spot: it's hard to tell where exactly her g-spot is, but it should be about 1 to 3 inches inside front wall of the vagina. The g-spot is walnut-like, and it's a little rough compare to other areas in vaginal wall.
  4. Stimulate her G-spot: once you find where the G-spot is, you can begin to stimulate it to make her ejaculate. Firstly, you may push the G-spot and monitor how she feels. Then, use your fingers to massage the area back and forth until she squirts. You may want to experiment with different lightness of touch and speed. If you have a big penis, you may want to press her G spot with your penis. It is a surefire way to make her orgasm and ejaculate very quickly!