Fear of Vomit: Babies Vs You

Switching to Geico: so easy a caveman can do it!

My little sister could lift something heaver than that!

Using that cell phone is so easy my grandmother could do it!

Do statements like these sound familiar? These types of expressions are pretty common, both in day-today-life, and in marketing campaigns such as the Geico slogan.

Why are they so common?

Because they are an effective means of getting a point across. They communicate that something you are trying to do really isn’t hard by attributing it’s accomplishment to a person or type of person that you typically don’t think very highly of.

Are they exaggerating?


Does that make their message any weaker or less important?

Absolutely not.

So I’m gonna propose a new phrase to you. Call it your mantra, your motto for fighting Emetopobia, or just call it obnoxious, but what this is meant to do is to trigger some thought and introspection. So here it is…

Vomit: so easy a baby can do it.

At some point in your life you have probably thought “I wish I could play basketball like Kobe Bryant,” or “I wish I was as attractive as a supermodel,” or maybe even, “Wouldn’t it be cool to eat hotdogs like Takeru Kobayashi” (people have been jealous of stranger things than that). But when was the last time you said “I wish I could control my bowel movements like a baby!!” That’s what I thought. Babies aren’t too high on the ladder of invoking jealousy – they eat mush, crawl on the ground, and poop themselves. But if you are reading this, there is one thing that every baby on earth probably can do better than you: vomit.

Babies, who don’t even know how to add two plus three can vomit and not think twice about it. Actually, they probably don’t even think once about it.

Does this mean vomiting is all rainbows and cookies? Of course not, but it certainly does mean that vomiting is not the end of the world.

How should this affect you? I’m not a doctor, but I believe this is a good reason why we should try to minimize our worrying. Being obsessively worrisome doesn’t help us. In fact, all the anxiety is often what causes nausea. Next time you are laying in bed late at night worrying and can’t fall asleep, or are pulling out your hair because your sister’s friend’s neighbor had a stomach virus, stop running worst-case scenarios through your head and consider for just a moment that a baby can do this.

One more time – a baby could do this. Just a little food for thought.