Fear of Snakes – Self Hypnosis Help For Snakes Fears

Phobia of snakes or ophidiophobia can develop from your experiences. You may have had a traumatic encounter with reptiles as a child or you may have witnessed another individual’s encounter. No matter what the cause, you want to gain control of the fear and anxiety that you feel when faced with the thought of snakes.

Nature of Fear and Phobia

Fears are natural responses that are designed to help you keep out of harm’s way. We are wired to have psychological and physical responses to frightening situations. Snakes may be dangerous in extreme situations but they are relatively harmless in most instances.

Fear develops into phobia of snakes when you are unable to gauge your fear properly. Facing a snake may be startling and it is natural to experience some apprehension but when the emotion become irrational and all encompassing, you need to take action.

Phobia of Snakes: The Symptoms

Being afraid of snakes is perfectly natural. Anxiety and irrational fear that is unbearable are telltale signs that your fear is developing into a phobia. If you have persistent thoughts about snakes and the possibility of being attacked, you probably have ophidiophobia.

Physical responses include sweating, shaking, chills and nausea. Some people may become dizzy or disoriented because of panic. Your fear of snakes may actually be a phobia if you think about the event of coming across one on a regular basis. If you feel obsessed with a frightening encounter with a snake, you may be ready for help.

When to Seek Help

Ideally, you should seek help for ophidophobia once you begin to fear snakes excessively. A phobia of snakes develops over time so it is best to treat the fears before they become irrational or overwhelming. You can take matters into your own hands by being proactive about your fear of snakes.


You may feel as if you have no control over your fears and on a conscious level, you don’t. Self-hypnosis helps you gain control over this negative emotion by delving into your subconscious. You do not have to wait until your fear becomes a phobia of snakes to get the help you need.

Mind Programming

The mind is like a computer. Your thought processes can be programmed at a subconscious level to help you overcome adversity. Self-hypnosis is a viable tool for mind programming that can help you overcome your fear of snakes before it turns into a phobia.

Some may try to take a cognitive approach to train their minds to respond with less fear. This seems like a logical approach. However, we use roughly ten percent of our brains on the conscious level. There are many layers beneath that need to be addressed, especially when you want to overcome your phobia of snakes.