Fear of Mice – How to Overcome a Phobia of Mice Easily

The fear of mice can have a profound impact on how you go about your daily life depending on how strong your phobia really is. A startle response at the sight of a mouse is not necessarily a deep seated phobia. However, if you are paralyzed by that fear and unable to move and take care of business because of your fear, then you may have a problem that you would do well to address.

Being Taken Seriously

It is often difficult to have your fear of mice taken seriously. Far too often it is derided or attributed to silliness or an over reaction. This isn’t the case many times though and any phobia deserves to be taken seriously. Yes, it isn’t a rational fear, it is a deeply exaggerated fear. At the same time a mouse phobia can be a learned behavior. As a child if you watch a parent with a deep and abiding fear of these quick creatures react to a sudden and unexpected appearance it can be somewhat traumatic and leave a lasting impact. Again it is an exaggerated reaction to something of the size of a mouse but it is a reaction that is often experienced. There is no reason that it shouldn’t be taken seriously.

When Should You Seek Help?

Obviously, if your fear of mice is causing you problems in your personal life or professional life you need to get help so that you can rise above and beyond. If you have a mouse that likes to make an appearance when the weather turns cold or wet, you might want to get assistance. If you rarely see a mouse in your normal routine you might not need to worry about it unless it’s a personal thing that you wish to work through. There generally isn’t any harm done by being afraid of a mouse. It only becomes a problem when you are ruled by your fear and lose control as a result.

Hypnotherapy to Overcome Phobia of Mice

When you have a phobia, it goes a little beyond a casual fear. Very few people want to walk in and find a mouse munching on this week’s loaf of bread. Some reactions though are more controlled than others. The goal, when you get help for your fear of mice is that you will have a more controlled response the next time, if the opportunity arises again, you run into an uninvited guest in your kitchen.

When the time comes and you are ready to get help for your fear of mice you will want to use a combination treatment that uses neuro-linguistic programming in conjunction with hypnotherapy in order to train your mind not to overreact to the sight of a mouse. At first, this may seem very difficult as your phobia goes to war with your brain for control. If you do thins right you will win in the end and find that you are finally back in control of your fears and can lead a happy, normal life despite your fear of mice.