Fear of Flying and The Fear of Heights

It is obvious why someone with the fear of heights would also have a fear of flying. The real question should be, can you cure it? If your phobia of heights keeps you from doing what you want and going where you want to go, then it's time to take action!

If you have a fear of flying and you think that it is from your fear of heights, you may recognize these symptoms:

– hot flushed feeling
– heart beat speeds up
– suddenly start feeling scared
– muscle tension
– shaking
– shortness of breaths

These symptoms are similar to those of many phobias. You may start shake, sweat, cry / yell out for help. You may even feel like you can not breathe. The fear of heights is also known as acrophobia and it can prevent you from doing things you want. You may avoid flying at all with the fear of heights, but if you want to see the world, visit family, or just go on a nice vacation, you need to cure your fear.

Acrophobia can be caused by several different reasons. It could be from your childhood, or maybe from an anxiety you already have. People sometimes confuse acrophobia with vertigo, but they are very different. Vertigo is a specific medical condition that causes a person to feel dizzy, while the fear of heights just causes similar symptoms.

Unlike most phobias, the fear of heights can actually cause harm to a person. The imagined fear of falling could come true if a person is in a situation where they start to shake and could actually hurt themselves. That is the weird thing about this phobia … fearing it could actually cause harm. It's important to know that there are cures for this phobia.

Anxiety is not always necessarily a bad thing. If you decide to stand at the edge of a high cliff, you SHOULD feel scared and probably would start to see some of the symptoms. It's a natural reaction to fear. Standing at the edge of a cliff could be a risk for your life. Anxiety could actually save one's life because it creates the person's common sense.

Anxiety becomes a problem when it is preventing you from doing the things you want to do … like flying on an airplane. If acrophobia is preventing you from flying, then you should defiantly find help for it because it could be affecting your life negatively!