Fear of Flying – Advice and Tips


Let's face it, even though you've heard that flying is the safest form of transport, you still fill up with dread at the thought of having to fly. Use this fear of flying advice to help calm your fears.

1. Learn that flying is safe

If your conscious mind starts to panic at the thought of stepping onto a plane, it's time to do some research and quell your fears. The media focus on plane accidents because so many people are involved. Yet they ignore auto accidents which regularly injure more people than flying does. If you're happy to drive then you should be able to rationalize your thoughts to accept that flying is even safer.

2. Find out your other fears

Sometimes the problem that we call flying phobia is actually a different problem in disguise. These could be the loss of control – in a car, you're probably either driving or close enough to the driver to be able to see what is going on. On a plane, the pilot is only a voice over the speaker system. This lack of control can be the root cause of your issues. Or it may be that you do not like being in an enclosed space for hours on end. It could even be a fear of heights that is the root cause of your aerophobia. Whatever the underlying cause is, identify it and then deal with it. There are lots of programs out there to help you with phobias – hypnosis works well and there are so many custom designed MP3s out there that you are bound to be able to find help for your issues.

3. Learn to relax

Your phobia could be as simple as not being able to relax. Learning a relaxation process such as yoga or meditation could have been the key to being able to step on board an aircraft without turning into a nervous wreck. Start with a simple breathing exercise: take a long deep breath in, hold it for a couple seconds and slowly exhale. Doing this 4 or 5 times in a row will help you to relax. Maybe not enough to walk up those steps yet, but it's a start.

4. Use your imagination

If you're happy taking a roller coaster ride, use your mind to turn the flight into a theme park ride. Of course, if the thought of roller coasters fills you with dread as well then you'll need to decide on some other analogy. Whatever you decide to model your flight on, fill it with a sense of safety and adventure. If you were OK with flying as a child, go back into your memory and think about the eager anticipation you felt when your parents first broke the news that you were going to fly in the sky!

5. Use a hypnosis MP3

Hypnosis works really well for all sorts of things including overcoming your phobias. It's easy to do and works at such a deep level that you'll be "fixed" forever with just a few sessions. Get hold of a download or haul out your Yellow Pages for a personal session.