Fat Fighting Pill On The Horizon

Researchers have discovered an anti-obesity protein that gives a glimmer of hope to those of us who struggle with weight gain challenges. It's a fat fighting pill.

Italian researchers have zeroed in on a magic anti-obesity bullet. This solve-all-your-weight-problems-bullet promises to keep weight gain in check. It's also expected to allow you to eat to your hearts content. The fat fighting pill will do all the hard work for you.

In the research laboratory, mice were fed foods high in fat for 14 days. During that time they were infected with this wonder bullet. The results after 2 weeks were simply amazing. The mice did not gain a single ounce.

Do you know what that means for us, the men?

Hold your horses! Its early days yet. They did encounter some of the normal challenges in this type of research.

For instance, this wonder drug was injected right into the brains of the mice. You ready for that yet? I'm not. In addition, they met with a few side effects. Two of which played havoc with locomotion and thyroid abilities.

Admittedly, I do have a desire to be thin and trim. However, locomotion and thyroid problems seem a steep price to pay. I'll keep on walking. Those fat fighting pills will probably end up being too expensive for me anyway.

Clogged arteries do not just plague overweight people. Thin people have heart disease also. It's not about size. It's about unhealthy eating. Fat, skinny, short or tall, those fast foods will ever catch up with you.

I do not think we should be waiting for the fat fighting pill to be developed. Certainly not while Rome is burning. We need to do something now about our present obesity problems. Especially with the children of our nation.

One third of American children are obese. Weight gain has plagued our children throughout the years. In 2002, 16% were obese. That jumped to 17.1 in 2004. This figure will soar to near 20% in 2008.

Still want to wait for that fat fighting pill? We need to do something now. The Institute of Medicine has sent out a chilling warning. They said, "Without public health takes urgent measures, one in five children in the United States will be obese by the year 2010."

Let's take the spotlight away from our children, and put it on ourselves. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a survey of 300,000 adults. Are you ready for this?

60.5 percent of us grows ups are overweight. No wonder our children are in trouble. We're feeding them the same junk food we eat.

The fat fighting pill is not even on the way. Do not wait for it, we have work to do.

Have you not noticed what's happening in the grocery stores? Moms, I like to call them our first line of defense in the battle of the bulge. Anyways, Moms are assaulting the low fat / non fat section of the grocery store. Ever notice that?

Yet, we are faced with those staggering overweight figures I gave you earlier!

This overweight / obese problem is not going to leave us until we do something about it. We must move away from thoughts of a fat fighting pill. Step into the here and now and let's tackle this problem head on.