Fast Phobia Cure Technique Explained

The fast  phobia  cure promises to cure any fear or  phobia  in a handful of minutes. Which sounds incredible. Especially if you’ve been told by your hypnotist or therapist that it will take lots and lots of sessions, spread over weeks, months or even years, before you start to even begin to overcome your fears. But if you’ve been told that your  phobia  will last almost forever, chances are that your chosen professional either doesn’t know about the fast  phobia  cure technique or, cynically, doesn’t want the loss of future income.

The fast  phobia  cure technique is a process that re-sets the way your brain works.

Before I explain the technique itself, let’s examine how our brain works most of the time. Not the learning rocket science side of your brain, more the other everyday stuff that it does literally all day long.

Early in our lives we learn things all the time. Breathing starts immediately as do other bodily functions. But almost everything else we have to learn: crawling, walking, listening, speaking, riding a bike, and so on.

We also learn to remember how to do things.

It would be really slow and awkward if we had to re-learn how to open a door every single time we came across one. So our brain goes through a series of steps that it’s learned and that work on 99% of doors we’re ever likely to encounter.

We use these shortcuts all the time for near enough everything we do on a regular or even irregular basis.

And that includes our fears and  phobias . With good reason.

Way back when we were evolving, our fears were likely very real and very dangerous.

That sabre toothed tiger was never likely to curl up and purr in front of the fire. It was more likely to use us for its next meal. Not the kind of thing you’d have wanted to re-learn to avoid every time you encountered one.

Our modern mind is unlikely to come across these threats but deals with similar worries in exactly the same way. It learns once, often at a very early age, that spiders are scary things (because mum screams when she sees one, so it must be true) and then keeps that belief.

The fast  phobia  cure technique works by literally erasing these learned responses to our fears and  phobias  so that we can re-learn them with our – hopefully more rational – adult mind.

Our brain has neural pathways – kind of a freeway equivalent – for these learned responses and the fast  phobia  cure technique scrubs them out so that we can no longer use that short cut and must recreate a new one.

Most times the technique is used, you’ll be taken into a relaxed state, which is always a good idea when  phobias  are likely to rear their ugly head.

You’ll then go backwards from the end of the scary event – where you came out of it alive and kicking – to before it even started – where it hadn’t even crossed your mind that it was something to be scared of.

You’ll do this several times in your minds eye, as though it was playing back on a cinema screen or large television.

You’ll also fade it out to black and white, or at least pretend that’s happening. This doesn’t have to be a vivid screening.

And you’ll maybe make it sillier, something that no-one could take seriously, by adding a soundtrack of something like circus music or a Laurel and Hardy soundtrack.

Once you’ve done that a few times, that’s it. The fast  phobia  cure technique has done its magic.

Try it for yourself – you can lose your fears and  phobias  super fast. Not to mention all those therapist bills.