Fast Facts On Cyberknife Treatment For Inoperable Tumors


A cancer tumor is more than just an abnormal cell growth. It can be deadly. In fact, millions of people who had it already died, and millions more are presently suffering from severe forms of it.

In this page, you will be learning more about cancer tumors and its symptoms. You will also learn about the different treatment interventions that are being utilized to manage them, including the cyberknife treatment for inoperable tumors.

What is a cancer tumor?

It develops through an abnormal mutation of a normal cell or group of cells. The process can be brought about by several factors, like genetics, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, stress, and the environment.

It was believe that a person already has cancer cells from the moment he was born, and these become dormant as he grows. However, if he is exposed to the risk factors that were mentioned earlier, these cancer cells will be activated and they can grow into a tumor that will impede normal body processes and caused a lot of symptoms.

The symptoms vary, depending on the site of the tumor growth. If it developed on the intestines, the person will probably experience severe forms of diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloody stools, and malnutrition. If it developed in the larynx, it will be difficult for the person to speak, and he will experience severe throat pain and infections.

What are the treatments for cancer tumors?

Medical science has discovered several treatment modalities to manage cancer tumors. These interventions can either reduce the size of the tumor or totally remove it from the human body.

Chemotherapy. The use of cancer drugs that are being administered orally or intravenously. These drugs are powerful enough to eliminate cancer cells.

Surgery. The removal of the cancer tumor through surgical procedures. It is an invasive procedure, in which skin integrity is broken.

Radiation Therapy. The use of radiation to remove cancerous tumors.

These treatment modalities can be used alone or in combination. They are only being performed by medical doctors or surgeons who have specialized in cancer treatment.

What if these treatment modalities failed?

There are some cases that surgery cannot completely remove all the cancer cells. That is why the doctor will have to decide to use either chemotherapy or radiation therapy to totally eradicate the remaining cancer cells.

Cyberknife treatment for inoperable tumors is one option. It uses low frequency gamma rays to completely eliminate the cancer cells. What is good about this procedure is that it does not involve a break in the skin layers, unlike in surgery. It is also a painless procedure and it has a higher success rate.

This procedure is done in clinics or radiation centers that contain a complete set-up for energy-emission treatment. It is usually being performed with a guidance of an X-ray procedure, so that gamma rays are well monitored. They should be targeted directly towards the tumor and not on healthy cells.

Colorado Cyberknife is one of the advanced centers that utilizes cyberknife treatment for inoperable tumors. It incorporates state-of-the-art facilities and results of research studies on radiation therapy to the procedure.