Far Out Phobias – The Weirdest Things People Are Afraid Of

It’s perfectly normal to be afraid of something. We’re all afraid of something. Some are afraid of cockroaches and others feel a little queasy when they’re in high places. But some things people are afraid of simply boggle the mind. There are fears so irrational that you sometimes wonder how these people got to fear the things they do. And you are sometimes left in awe of the power of the human mind and how it can influence our behavior.

Here are some of the weirdest phobias that overcome people. It may be difficult for some people to go through life with these inhibitions and fears. But many of them do! But it seems hard to think of living with these kinds of conditions:

– Thaasophobia: This is otherwise known as the fear of sitting. Other than being a very tiring phobia, this can get you in some discomfort in social events. The only time you should really be afraid of sitting down is when people are strapping you into the electric chair or for lethal injection. Otherwise, it’s perfectly OK!

– Phronemophobia: Fearing things like death or even worms are pretty much normal things to be afraid of. But when you fear something like thinking, it becomes pretty odd, not to mention pretty difficult since a lot of things we do everyday have some sort of mental aspect to them.

– Chaetophobia: This is known as the fear of hair. It is not only a pretty strange phobia it is probably one of the more uncomfortable ones since it would probably involve you constantly shaving or waxing your body to be able to cope without. Sometimes it hurts just being a mammal.

– Anablephobia: This is the fear of looking up. Let’s not get into the difficulties you could face with this one. Falling pianos, anyone?