Famous Leaders

All the changes that are worth noting are the efforts of many great leaders. Sir Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and Margaret Thatcher are some leaders that world has seen.

Sir Winston Churchill was a great historian and statesman. The great leadership skills that he exhibited during wars, has secured him prime place in the British history. He is the best example of how you can overcome shortcomings and acquire a unique place in everyone’s heart.

As seen earlier being a good orator is major skill that is needed by a good leader. But Churchill’s little stammering has not affected his speeches which has gained him recognition in world history. He was a great politician and eminent personality. He has played an important role during the World War II and the resulting post war coalition. He will be remembered for ages for his role as war time prime minister of Britain.

Martin Luther King, Jr. of USA is another best leader the world has seen. He was a strong supporter of civil rights. He led the first Negro nonviolent demonstration. The bus boycott lasted for 382 days but finally the Supreme Court of United States declared the segregation of Negroes on buses as unconstitutional.

During this campaign this great leader was arrested and was abused. His house was bombed but in spite of all these hardships he emerged a leader of supreme quality. He was of age thirty when he received the Nobel Peace Prize and he used the sum won to further the movement of civil rights.

Abraham Lincoln is remembered for his leadership in preservation of Union during the Civil War. He is mainly remembered for the beginning of the struggle to demolish the atrocious slavery in United States.

He had characteristic leadership qualities like good oratory skills, great determination and a solid character. He led a simple life. He made great efforts to learn what is needed for good leadership. He struggled to achieve the skills and knowledge while he worked on splitting rails, on farm, and keeping a store.

Mahatma Gandhi was a simple man, who made extraordinary efforts to support India’s freedom struggle. Mahatma Gandhi helped India to get freedom from British rule. He achieved this goal with his ingenious leadership style know popularly know as non-violence resistance.

He had charisma and character that him the title Mahatma the great soul. He is also known as the father of Indian Nation. He learned and demonstrated good leadership qualities when he was in South Africa for 21 years.

He led a great movement to secure rights for Indian people in South Africa. He used the tactics of civil disobedience to achieve the goals with success.

Margaret Thatcher has also shown very good leadership qualities She was prime minister of UK. She was the first woman who ever became prime minister of UK. She was also the longest serving PM in UK. As a leader she played an elemental role in Irish Hunger strike.