False Police Reports and Perjury

Bearing false witness, false police reports and perjury. A couple of years ago a woman, who grew up in this area and still lives here, was bragging to me about the lives she has destroyed.

I listened at first with shock, then with growing disgust and finally I became so upset I threw up. She was and is very proud of her victories and didn’t even hesitate to answer my questions.

Let me give you some basic facts:

1. She began doing this about 9 years old.

2. She has criminally charged 29 men and women with child molestation, sexual assault and domestic violence.

3. She has defamed these people to anyone who will listen. Everything, and I mean everything, from “they are mean” all the way to “He is the father of my child.”

4. These people are her father, stepfather, mother’s boyfriend’s sister’s boyfriends and husbands, her boyfriends, one ex-husband, her mother, and others.

The basic scenario is:

Note: She admits the person doesn’t need to make her angry with them.

1. She gets bored.

2. She singles out one person and begins to tell other people stories. Trying different versions of the ‘horrible little stories’, until she finds a version that people react to.

3. Then she physically attacks the person, having pre-chosen the timing and location for no witnesses.

4. The person either gets away, attempts to defend himself or herself and then runs away, or gets knocked out.

Note: She said the physical attack is necessary to enforce the demoralization of her victims.

5. In the past she would run the hot water to get it really hot, while she called the police. By holding a hot wet rag to her skin, her face would redden and swell.

But she discovered this was damaging her skin so she doesn’t do that anymore.

6. She was a small child and is a small woman. Her victims are always larger people.

7. She tells her story to the police, adding that the person just attacked her.

8. She fills out a false police report.

She laughs about the penalties of filing a false police report. She has filed 29 of them and even though some ‘cops’ didn’t believe her, every false police report went to the DA. Every person was charged.

9. She keeps tabs on how much money these people spend for bail, lawyers, court fines, court ordered programs like anger management, or their lost jobs, lost homes, broken families.

10. She makes a point of getting the ear of their bosses or fellow workers and continues to defame the person to anyone who will listen to her.

11. She prefers to pick something the person cares a lot about like their home, family or work. When the person has lost that one thing that is most important to them she losses interest in them.

For example:

Her now ex-husband was shifting a heavy piece of equipment stored in the living room. The next thing he knew the police were arresting him while the ambulance attendants were loading him onto a gurney to transport him to the hospital.

He remembers nothing after bending down to shift the load.

He had a concussion and had almost 70   bruises . Most of the  bruises  were of the same size and shape, suggesting an object had been used to beat him. The woman filed a false police report, signed it and swore he had beaten her. The police officers reported she had one small  bruise  on the back of one hand. She was calm, not in the slightest bit ruffled and she refused to go to the hospital.

Yes, the charges went straight to the DA. Where the now ex-husband was charged with domestic violence. Over the last several years he has spent almost $50,000 in bail, lawyers, court fees and fines, court ordered programs. Most of these programs the judges have ordered him to pay for twice and attend twice.

She continues to defame and harass him.

I went to several of the falsely accused people. They told me to leave things be. To not stir her up against them again.

She is now telling ‘horrible little’ stories about the man she has been with for almost two years.

He is obviously the next victim.

But what about the victim after him? Will it be you, your brother, your father, or your neighbor?

To file a false police report is a crime. To actually sign and swear to that false police report, which is a court document, carries a penalty of perjury, sentencing to be whatever the penalty your falsely accused victim faced.

To criminally defame a person is a crime, each time you do it.

Police respond to a call, take statements and file their own affidavits.

The DA takes these reports, looks them over, asks the police to investigate unclear portions and then decides if there is a case. When the DA sees the ‘victim’ with one small  bruise  and is refusing to go to the hospital, while the ‘beater’ has a concussion, almost 70  bruises  all over his body and no marks on his hands, the DA must stop and look very closely at everything including the ‘victim.’

In this case such a background search would have shown 29 police reports, 29 court proceedings.

There are cases where one person ‘exaggerates’ or flat out lies on a police report, in the heat of anger.

In a few hours, days or weeks they recant and tell the truth. There are cases where the DA catches the ‘exaggerations’ and lies and tosses the file.

There are too many cases where a false police report is filed, charges are brought and the falsely accused person just gives up and cops a plea bargain. There is no excuse for this woman getting away with this time after time.

Do not tell me the DA can’t see her Juvenile records, her victims were not all juveniles. In fact only a few were under 18 when she charged them. The man she is with is the next victim. What if she ‘accidentally’ kills or makes a vegetable out of him? After him who is next?

She has a child now.