Facts About Throat Cancer

It is estimated that more than seventy percent of the cancer person diagnosed with the throat cancer are at the advanced stage of it. It is more likely in men than in women. The men have 89 percent chance more than women in death cause due to throat cancer. In American alone the there were around seventy hundred death approximately. When comparing with different ethnics the afro-Asian men have 50 % higher risk than any other people in the world. The Caucasian is least affected. This is due to the food habit employed by them. 

In U.S while the death count is around 7000, the diagnosed patient list will alone reach 30,000. Consumption of tobacco in any form is the direct cause for the oral cancer. It is estimated that in America alone the patient count diagnosed with the throat cancer will touch the 35,000 mark this year. This leaves to around eight thousand deaths in this year. That almost means one death per hour of the day. About 50 percent of the above diagnosed person will die in next five year time.

Among the various cancer types, the throat cancer is the deadly one. The death rate  is higher than any other type of the cancer. The reason for this is the discovery of the cancer in the later stage of the development. The throat cancer symptoms are similar to the day-to-day problems like sore throat, pain in throat. This makes its discovery in its early stage difficult.

The throat cancer also leads to other primary and secondary cancer in the affected region. This is the cause for death in many case even if the patients able to get rid of the basic throat cancer. It will give way to other cancer which are more deadlier. Among the oral cancers the squamous cell carcinomas is the common type of the cancer that is found 90% in the world oral cancer list. The majority of the people affected by this cancer are above 40 years of age. While the reason for the cancer at young contributes to the food habit and the tobacco factor. 

The smoking is the major factor for the throat cancer occurring in people at young age. While the alternative methods of smoking like the chewing tobacco seems to more deadly than the smoking. The person using the so-called conventional method of tobacco usage will land themselves in trouble. The using of the tobacco in other form than smoking is promoted since it reduces the chance of lung cancer. But it has negative effect in the oral cancer. This may also lead to other secondary cancer and heart related diseases.

The previous ratio of men to women affected by the throat cancer is 6:1. Now the ratio seems to 2 men affected to each woman. The increase in the ratio contributes to collective factor like change in lifestyle, food habit among other habits.