Facts About Taser Guns

With the ongoing threat of terrorism and crimes in many parts of the world, people are becoming more aware that the streets are not as safe as it used to be. Even homes need security to prevent trespassing, theft, and other grave threats that may harm family and friends. While some are attending self-defense classes, others are equipping themselves with taser guns or tasers in case they do encounter any threat in or outside their home.

How Do Tasers Work?

A taser is a gun that you trigger to fire probes or electrical shocks towards an assailant. This will momentarily incapacitate the targeted person and render his or her motor and sensory nerves paralyzed for a moment. Unlike stun guns that you would have to use in close contact with the assailant, tasers can be fired from a distance, even before an attacker has the opportunity to grab you or your loved ones. It is known to be easy to use and highly available in online stores.

No Need to Carry a Lethal Weapon

Instead of keeping a gun in your home, you may want to consider tasers as a safer alternative. First and foremost, guns can be quite dangerous even with a responsible owner. Kids may have access to it, and other incidents may arise and lead to serious end results. You will have better peace of mind knowing that a taser is a non-lethal weapon and may only cause brief pain and muscle paralysis. To be on the safe side, keep any kind of weapon secure and away from the reach of children.

Law Enforcement Use

Taser guns are very useful in law enforcement. It reduces the risk of death and injuries derived by use of guns because more and more law enforcement officials are now using taser guns as alternative. Officers can fire up the tasers and not worry if the effects will be fatal to the targeted person. They are also reducing the possibility of a shootout in a critical event.

Illegal in Some States

Tasers used to be limited only to law enforcement officials and for military use. However, due to the threats surrounding the world today, many government officials have already opened their state and city to the use of tasers by civilians. It is most fortunate for women who live in states that allow the use of taser guns because they can now bring one with them all the time for protection against dangerous assailants. On the other hand, it is most unfortunate for some who live in states and cities that still ban and strongly prohibit the use of tasers. They can, however, resort to pepper sprays for protection.

If you are going to purchase your own taser, know your state laws first. Even if your state allows the use of tasers, make sure you abide by certain restrictions. Tasers are banned in most schools grounds, so be sure to know any restrictions stated by the government to avoid any possible conflicts with the law.