Facet Joint and You


Many people complain about a back pain of some kind. It prevents them from doing the ordinary activities that others take for granted. For example, reaching for that item on the top shelf in the kitchen can be a challenge. For some, a severe back condition can prevent them from sitting or standing for a significant amount of time.

This population generally feels like their fitness level can never be the same as those without back problems, who happily go to the gym and kick butt with all kinds of fitness classes. Is a facet joint problem going to delegate you to live the rest of your life in the fat zone? No. There is a solution.

Gentle stretching with a trainer is a start to a healthy and happy lifestyle. A certified personal trainer and certified yoga instructor has the knowledge to take you through a safe stretching program that will leave you feeling healthier and happier. Depending on the severity of the facet joint problem, you may have to live your whole life with a constant reminder that it is there. In most cases, however, yoga with a proper instructor in a one-on-one setting can alleviate a lot of pain and enable you to live a more normal life.