Extreme Dieting

Each and every human being has got a right to maintain his or her weight. Dieting is just a practice of taking in different classes of food in a manner that will enable you to control your weight. For the ones who are overweight, the main aim is to loose weight while others consider their dieting in order to add some more weight. Diet has got different classes. These classes include the weight loss diets which restricts the amount of food that is taken in order to loose weight. This works differently in different individuals. To some people, maintaining a significant weight is not an easy task and hence they try different weight loss tips.

The ones who do heavy duties such as athletes mostly take the weight gain diets in order to increase their body weight and energy. People who are underweight also take weight gain diet in order to increase in weight or body mass. The actors may also loose or gain weight to enable them portray a certain role in the play. Extreme dieting has its side effects. That is, extreme weight loss and extreme intake of food. They may lead to reduced sex drive, depression, irritability, prolonged hunger,   fainting , fatigue, post nasal drip, bloodshot eyes, muscle atrophy, acidosis, seizures, rashes, abnormal weight gain and malnutrition which may lead to loss of life.

Extreme weight loss can be brought about through fasting therefore lengthy fasting is not healthy to your body since it may cause malnutrition thus, it should be done only under medical supervision.