Expressing Yourself Through Collocation

People communicate with each other to convey what they want to express to other people. Most often, communication is through verbal form where two or more people exchange words and ideas.

However, other people also communicate through sign language, especially those who are deaf mutes.

In communicating, there are people who are very fluent in the English language. Others also talk fluently in languages that they are accustomed to.

But focusing about the English language, there are understandably a lot of things that a person has to learn in order to communicate fluently to their friends or loved ones.

In school, our English teachers have been teaching us grammar and the correct use of words. And one area that teachers teach in school is collocation.

Collocation is the combination of two or more words which give a completely different meaning unlike when these words are used separately. One example of these words is fast food. When used separately, fast means quick while food means meal. But when put together, fast food means food that are easily available in restaurants which are given to the customers right after ordering, unlike at home when you still have to prepare the ingredients and cook them before eating, which often take about a few hours depending on the food that you cook.

Collocations have different types. It may be a combination of verb and noun, noun and verb, adverb and adjective, adjective and noun, noun and noun, or verb and adverb.

Example of a collocation with a combination of an adjective and a noun is excruciating pain.

Another example is commits suicide, which is a combination of a verb and a noun.

Completely satisfied is another example of collocation, which is a combination of adverb and adjective.

Other examples of collocations are extremely happy, highly sophisticated, crystal clear, cosmetic surgery, strong tea, powerful computers, etc.

Collocations can be modified such as when you say write effectively, it can also be written as effective writing which give two different meanings.

Using collocations often give the person a chance to express themselves as this often allows them to invent words that they think best suits their feelings and expressions. This is because collocations are mostly compositional.

Some people say collocation is an interesting area to teach and learn. However, teaching collocation needs extensive knowledge since combining different words may not be easy and the words combined may not give the exact meaning.

If you want to learn more about collocation, you need to read books related to this. There are also available dictionaries on collocation.

Communicating through the use of collocations is far more interesting for an emotionally-sensitive person than an ordinary teacher as this allows that person to learn to express his feelings through words.