Exogen Express Bone Healing System

The Exogen Express Bone Healing system by Smith and Nephew works by using ultrasound waves to speed up the bone healing process, particularly in the case of wrist, ankle and shin fractures. Ultrasound waves can stimulate the mechanical receptors in the bone thus producing faster healing, resulting in a faster return to everyday and sporting activities.

The Exogen is portable and lightweight, having being designed for both home and professional use and has a simple push-button operation and easy-to-follow instructions. It can be be used over a plaster cast or dressing if required. Timewise, it should be worn for 20 minutes a day and can be used for up to three months. Although usage is straightforward, it should always be used after seeking advice from a medical practitioner.

Not only can it be used for fresh, straightforward fractures, but the Exogen Express Bone Healing System can be used where there are complications such as delayed healing, delayed union or fracture non union. It can also be used where there are metal implants, such as screws, plates and nails.

The device should not be used for fractures of the skull or vertebrae or on children or pregnant women. In addition, if you have any other medical conditions or illnesses or are currently taking medication, you should seek the advice of your doctor before proceeding with use.

As with any ultrasound device, you will need to use a transducer gel to ensure that contact is made with the skin. The operation itself is completely painless.