Exercises to Relieve TMJ

TMJ is an extremely difficult condition to deal with and should be approached with both an open mind and the help of a TMJ professional. TMJ is a condition of the jaw joints that cause pain and mobility issues as well as swelling and other symptoms. There is no known cause or treatments for TMJ and so it can be frustrating to find relief when you need it. There are a number of things you can try to find relief from TMJ symptoms and exercises to relieve TMJ are just one of them. There are a few different exercises or jaw movements you can do to help relieve pressure and pain in your jaw joints.

One of the exercises you can do is to place your fist under your jaw and balance the weight of your jaw on your fist. This can help to relax the joints while keeping them supported and let them settle to where they are most naturally supposed to be. You can also use a finger on each side of the jaw and apply pressure lightly to the joint to encourage the jaw back into place or to relieve some of the pressure. Lastly, you can press your tongue against the roof of your mouth while opening your jaw as wide as you can and breathing in deeply throughout the exercise. This can help with realignment or dislocation as well as pain and pressure.

There are ways to find relieve from the TMJ symptoms you are experiencing and the exercises to relieve TMJ can be used to find relief from the symptoms as well as help with the overall strength and health of your jaw which can help you to prevent symptoms in the future. Always talk with your doctor before you start a new treatment routine and make sure you are doing the exercises correctly in order to avoid causing further damage or pain to your jaw joints. TMJ is a difficult condition to deal with, but when you take the time to learn about methods and exercises that work you can find the relief you are looking for.