Exercises and Workouts – Three Benefits Of Using Pull-Up Assist Bands


One exercise you will want to consider adding to your workout routine is the pull-up. Pull-ups are a fantastic back training that will help to strengthen the entire back region as well as working the biceps.

The drawback? They are tough. So tough in fact many people cannot even perform a single pull-up at the start. If this is the case, you may be feeling quite frustrated and not sure how you can progress along when it seems like you cannot get started.

This is where pull-up assist bands come into play. These bands are going to help you execute the full pull-up by taking some of the weight off the lower body. The result is you can complete a pull-up – albeit a modified one, getting you closer to your end goal of doing a full pull-up straight. So this all said, what other benefits can you receive from using pull-up assist bands?

Let’s go over a few points to keep in mind…

1. Direct Transfer Over To The Exercise In Question. First, you are going to get excellent transfer over benefits to the full pull-up training. Alternatively, you could just perform a standard pull-down, but this is not going to be exactly like a pull-up. It will be similar, but you would not be making the same movement pattern. Thus, the transfer over benefit is not as high.

By using the pull-up bands and doing a standard pull-up, this ensures you are going to be best able to move into the full pull-up with ease.

2. Improved Core Strength. These pull-up bands are also an excellent way to improve your overall core strength. When using them, you are going to be contracting your abs hard, resisting momentum from coming into the picture. The result is you are keeping your core nice and tight, building up better overall muscular endurance.

Overall muscular endurance can then not only make the pull-ups easier but provide excellent transfer over benefits to other exercises as well.

3. Perfect For Home Workouts. Finally, the last super benefit pull-up assist bands have to offer is they are ideal for those who are doing home workouts. While at a gym you do have the option of using the lat pull-down machine, at home, chances are you do not have this choice. Therefore, using the pull-up bands provides an excellent alternative.

So consider pull-up bands for your next workout. Don’t get discouraged you cannot perform the full pull-up. Just work your way up to it by using this piece of equipment instead.