Excessive Stomach Gas and How to Deal With It

Here are is how to deal with Excessive Stomach Gas:

1. Apologies to anyone who may feel a little patronised by the following science lesson, but there are plenty of people who currently have problems with excessive stomach gas, and are wondering how to get rid of it. The truth about flatulence is that it is unavoidable in at least small doses, and it requires a little bit of compromise to reduce it. If you are prepared to make a few changes, however, then it is possible to stop excessive stomach gas from presenting you with so many problems. The causes of the condition may not be news to everyone, but it is worthwhile to look at them and how to prevent it.

2. Excessive Stomach Gas – A Prevalent Problem

Most people who have excessive stomach gas will realize that it affects them most in the hour or so after eating. This is with good reason, of course. It is when digesting food that the stomach will create most gas. The most common cause of the condition is overeating, and this is why after a big meal many people will feel almost too full to move. It is not uncommon for some people to force a belch, but this is no way to reduce excessive stomach gas. For one thing, it allows more air in then you are likely to release.

3. Stopping Excessive Stomach Gas

The problems come principally from overeating, but they can equally be caused by eating too much (or any at all, in some cases) of the wrong thing. Some people have an intolerance to certain foods, and if they eat or drink anything from that food group will have a problem with gas. Sufferers of lactose intolerance will find that dairy products cause them to feel bloated due to the excessive gas generated by their body’s reaction to the food. This can sometimes cause cramps and pain, and people with severe cases may have to profoundly change their diets.

4. Our digestive system is, by necessity, a sensitive thing. Its job requires it to deal with various foods and drinks, and it is unsurprising that it will have problems dealing with some foods, or too much food. The symptoms of excessive gas will naturally involve some pain, then, because trapped gas makes the area feel tender. In order to reduce the amount of gas your stomach produces, it may be necessary to keep a diet diary and note what you have eaten on days when you get gas. This will allow you to stop it from happening again.

5. Cures For Excessive Stomach Gas

It is possible to buy remedies for excessive stomach gas over the counter in a pharmacy or your local supermarket. One thing to take account of, though, is that there can be various causes for the condition, everyone’s digestive system has its own idiosyncrasies, and mass-produced remedies cannot work for everyone. Make sure that the cure you go for does not simply aggravate the condition – as may be the case if you try an effervescent sure like Alka-Seltzer. Far from stopping excessive stomach gas, this will just create more.