Exactly Why You Abuse Your Body and How to Stop Doing it Right Now

You might be in a bad situation since you abuse your body, but at least you have my guidance, which comes from the wisdom and the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. I’m going to show you everything I know about the human brain and the human behavior.

First of all I have to explain to you that when you interpret the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method you try to understand the meaning given by the unconscious mind to all the parts of the dream, the same way that you interpret a literary document, trying to understand the meaning that the author gave to his work and wanted to transmit to his or her readers.

By translating your dreams you have an internal vision of your psyche, which means that you penetrate into your own mind and you examine it as an observer. When you learn how to translate the dream images into words and you finally understand the dreams’ meaning, you’ll see that the unconscious mind follows another logic, totally different from the logic of our human conscience.

Our conscience is selfish and ignorant, while the unconscious mind is wise and generous. There are many differences between their logic.

Why did I start giving you this lesson?

Because when you understand the difference which exists in the way you think, depending on which logic you follow, you’ll be able to understand the difference which exists between mental health and craziness.

You may believe you know the difference, but you are far from the truth…

The logic you follow is absurd, while you believe that it is right and that you know what you are doing. You are following the absurd logic of your one-sided human conscience and the absurd logic imposed by the animal and evil part of your human brain.

How do I know that your logic is absurd? How can logic be absurd?

Logic reflects the way you organize your thoughts, and the importance you give to the reality where you are.

If you cut and burn your own body, this means that you are following an absurd logic. An absurd logic is camouflaged craziness; in other words: it is absurdity that has the appearance of something that can be justified and understood, while it is totally crazy.

The absurd logic of the mentality of your time is also another factor that makes you believe that your mistakes are correct and doesn’t let you see the real truth, which is based on the reality as it is, and not on your suppositions.

Everything I have told you up to now was an introduction, so that you may understand what your position should be and what you have to pay attention to when you examine your own thoughts and your own behavior.

You have to understand what it means to have a primitive conscience in your brain, working in parallel with your human conscience, and trying to destroy your humanity, so that it may completely control your behavior.

Your primitive and evil conscience that didn’t learn the meaning of goodness gives you an absurd personality that follows an absurd logic, and this is why your behavior is absurd, but you cannot see that.

You believe that everything that exists inside your brain belongs to you, without perceiving the existence of the anti-conscience, which is an independent conscience that works as if it didn’t belong to the same brain where your human conscience exists.

I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience after fighting against craziness when I was 15 years old and I suffered a tragic accident, becoming neurotic, and also observing the behavior of my schizophrenic father, who had two personalities. But I didn’t know what exactly I had discovered then.

Only after studying the meaning of dreams and again fighting against craziness many years later, could I really understand that the anti-conscience is an independent part of our brain, that doesn’t belong to our human conscience, and works against our human side.

This discovery will put a definitive end to all mental illnesses when humanity will realize its importance.

I hope that you’ll understand its importance today however, and stop cutting your body right now, since you know that it is not your human personality the one who is deciding what you do when you harm your own body.

This notion must help you stop, or at least help you accept doing something drastic like going to a hospital. You have to put a definitive end to this absurd tendency before it kills you completely.

You are not abusing you own body because you decided to do such a horrible thing against yourself, with the excuse that this behavior will give you some relief. You are abusing your own body because your mind and your hands are being controlled by the primitive animal from which your human conscience is derived.