Eww, Vomit!

Ok, so this is not the most appealing of topics but for those of us who are human, with a digestive system, have children or even animals, have thrown a party or just find themselves in this situation, it must be discussed.  Vomiting  is actually one of the best defense mechanisms a body has. It might be one of the most disgusting smelling and foul looking things out there but it really does keep people from dying or getting sick from things we’ve eaten or accidentally ingested. The fact that  vomiting  aids in life-saving and maintaining one’s health still doesn’t lend to the idea that throwing up, as it is also called, is something to be all right with.

 Vomit  is filled with the contents of whatever is in your stomach at the time. While most people in Columbus believe that to be the food and drink they have consumed this is not really the case, and this is one of the main reasons why it gets that smell that makes others not  vomiting  want to  vomit . Not only is the food and drink present, but stomach acids and enzymes also reveal themselves when the  vomit  is expelled and mixed together, well, you know, brings that smell. When someone  vomits  in your Columbus home, especially on your carpeting you must act quickly. The stomach acids that come up with the  vomit  are just like chlorine and can start to bleach or permanently change the colors of your carpeting as soon as it makes contact, so act quickly.

The first part is the grossest, so get that one out of the way as fast as you can. Holding your breath so you don’t have your own repeat performance from the smell scrape as much of the area as you can get while trying to not push it in deep in to the carpeting, getting as much of it up as you can. Treat the remaining mess as you would with any stain. Flush it with water and liquid detergent and if you have any cleaning supplies that can break down enzymes use this as well or any kind of absorbing powder such as ZGoop.

There is one part of this mess that even when you have cleaned up the chunks and ooze still remains whether you can see it or not and that is the odor. The stench can remain for quite some time and if the bacteria are allowed to stay in your carpeting you will be reminded daily that someone puked on your floor. This is a good time to maybe call the pros and let a Columbus carpet cleaning company come in and get rid of it once and for all.

Your carpets are probably due for a carpet cleaning anyway, so why not kill two birds with one stone and sanitize that  vomit  right out of there. Remember to act quickly no matter how bad it looks or smells when someone  vomits  on your carpeting in order to not have any discoloration or bad smelling patches of carpet in your home.