Everything You Need To Know About Jiaogulan

By definition, Jiaogulan is a wild plant that can be found in Asian countries, such as China and Thailand. In western countries, it is known as the “miracle plant” because of its ability to heal the most serious of illnesses. It is also called the “Southern Ginseng” because it looks and is used in the same way as ginseng, and it grows especially in the southern portion of China. Contrary to what many people believe, it is actually the leaf of the plant that is made into medicine, and not the root or the stem. It can only be grown in Asia. Despite this, it is available from drug stores all over the world at an affordable price. In case you cannot find this at your local pharmacy, you might want to try Chinese apothecaries. This plant is termed as Adaptogen, Fairy Herb, and Xian Ciao, as well.

Jiaogulan is reported to possess health benefits and cures for certain sicknesses. Thus, it holds a special role in the field of alternative medicine. Experts say that its essence is an ideal substance that has the capability to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure in the body. Apparently, this herb specializes on the problems of the heart. It improves blood circulation, and it ensures that the arteries are free from toxins, which could result to a stroke or a heart attack. Aside from the matters of the heart, Jiaogulan is said to be an effective enhancer of memory. It makes the immunity system more invincible against infections and stress caused by constant changes in the environment. It also improves the body’s constitution by maximizing endurance and stamina.

The advantages of consuming Jiaogulan regularly is not only limited to preventing serious heart conditions and increasing resistance to illnesses. You can also intake this herb if you are experiencing common health problems, such as poor appetite, ulcer, stress, insomnia, and coughs. For men, this plant boasts about its ability to prevent hair loss, going so far as to promise to return one’s crowning glory. For women, the herb is known for its anti-aging effects. It does its part to detoxify the body, as well. As it is a plant, you can be confident that every cleansing process is natural and safe. For other ailments, Jiaogulan is reported to cater to diabetes, gastritis, obesity, and cancer as a preventative means. It is important to note that this herb does not automatically cure these serious maladies; rather, it helps prevent them.

The Chinese herb Jiaogulan can be used in three ways. First of all, you can crush the leaves at home and collect its essence. The liquid can be mixed in with your food or beverages as a supplement. This is a good idea if you are not a fan of the bare taste of plants. This process is also recommended if the herb will be fed to children or even to animals. Secondly, you can brew the leaves and drink them as tea. This is quite easy to do. You only need to boil the plant on a pot with a large quantity of water. Wait for a few minutes until the color of the water has changed. You can drink this beverage as is, or you can add in some sugar or lemon to improve the taste. Finally, Jiaogulan comes as a medicine that needs to be administered by injection. Of course, this is only available for credible medical practitioners. However, you will be surprised to learn that a lot of people tend to inject the substance to their bodies themselves. As dangerous or irresponsible as this process sounds like, it is still completely safe.

Jiaogulan is often used for alternative medicine treatments. However, you should still practice caution when you use it, especially if you administer it via injection. There are special precautions that you need to be aware of when consuming this plant, specifically if you’re the type of person who ingests this herb habitually. First of all, it is essential that you know that the recommended regular use of the Jiaogulan is only up to a maximum of thirty days. After a month, you are advised to take a break and continue this routing the following month. Otherwise, you are in danger of experiencing side effects, which will do more harm than good to your body.

To make sure that the Jiaogulan will work to your advantage, you are greatly encouraged to pay your physician a visit first and ask him for his professional opinion. This is so that you will be aware of the limitations of your daily dosage, or if you’re allowed to take the herb at all. For example, Jiaogulan is commonly prescribed to patients who suffer from high cholesterol. However, these people can only ingest ten milligrams of the essence, three times a day. Any dosage above this is already considered a health threat.

There are some people who are not allowed to consume Jiaogulan, so it is best to seek medical advice before settling with alternative medicine, even if it is a natural herb. Pregnant women are not permitted to ingest Jiaogulan because there have been some studies that report that the plant’s essence might increase the chance of birth defects. As the chemical is very potent, breastfeeding mothers are also prevented from touching the stuff. Hemophiliac people, as well as those who will have surgery soon, are advised not to intake the plant, too, since it slows down blood clotting.

While Jiaogulan is an effective preventative treatment for common ailments, it is still advised that you consume this herb cautiously. It is also best if you check first whether your body will react positively or negatively upon consumption. To do this, you may want to drink or inject Jiaogulan once or twice a week before administering it to your body regularly. If you experience discomfort, stop ingesting it at once. Otherwise, feel free to eat or drink it as regularly as you like, provided that you exercise caution at all times.