Everything About Analog Chronograph Watches

One of the necessary items that almost everyone owns these days is watches. There are many types and models in the market. Whether it is an analog chronograph watch or a digital one, it is a must have piece. Watches are not only a device to tell the time, but according to their model and technology can perform other functions, such as operate as a stopwatch, as in the case of analog chronograph watches. In addition, watches are generally accepted as fashion items which can add classiness to the look of an individual. It is, therefore, not strange to find watches that are very expensive.

So what exactly is an analog chronograph watch? “Analog” means that its display is not digital but rather deploys mechanical movement of one or more arms or pointers to indicate the time. On the other hand, “chronograph” means a timepiece which can function as a timekeeper and stopwatch at the same time. Chronographs are usually more complicated than watches without the stopwatch capability.

Types of chronograph watches:

• Tape chronographs: The first type of chronographs that was used to calculate the time elapsed during horse races.

• Digital chronographs: They have a digital display. These watches require the use of batteries that need to be replaced. They malfunction with a higher frequency than the analog watches.

• Analog (automatic) chronograph watches: These basically are the same as digital chronographs, but without the use of batteries. They rely solely on kinetic energy derived from the movement of the individual wearing them. They are more complicated and harder to manufacture than the digital ones, which makes them more expensive.

• Others: In addition to the digital and analog chronograph watches, other types include split second chronographs, calendar chronographs and tachometer chronographs among others.

There is a term that should not be confused with a chronograph and that is “chronometer”, the latter meaning an officially certified chronometer that passed certain tests for such certification. In other words, all chronometers are chronographs, but not all chronographs have qualified as chronometers. Analog and digital chronograph watches are considered a fashion item for many consumers today. Celebrities such as actors and sportsmen are among the users of chronograph watches.

Uses of chronographs

• Military: A famous use of chronograph is represented by the Langley Chronograph, used by the U.S. Navy to record and analyze data regarding aero planes.

• NASA: The agency used chronograph watches during all of NASA’s Apollo missions to the moon by providing each astronaut with a fully functioning chronograph.

• Medical: Analog chronograph watches and digital ones have also found applications in the medical field. Some chronographs are used in hospitals to record vital data such as heart beats.

• Sports: Just like the first chronograph invented, nowadays chronographs are used to calculate and record speed and/or distance in different games.

It is now clear that analog chronograph watches are more valuable and usually more expensive than digital ones, since they include a more complicated design and craftsmanship. They are an item of fashion and classiness as well as a practical timekeeping device.