Every Heart Attack is Preventable!

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death worldwide and the magnitude of this is stunning!

Death as a result of heart attack, stroke, and pulmonary embolism soundly eclipses every other cause of death in our society today.

The total of all cancer deaths added to all the deaths from AIDS still only totals approximately half of the deaths from CVD. What is even more disturbing in addition to the statistics of this disease is that we are doing this to ourselves and it is totally preventable!

This fact, although a powerful indication and indictment of the culture we live in today, can also be taken as a point of encouragement. Heart and vascular diseases today are almost always exclusively a result of what we are doing with ourselves and what we choose to put into our mouths and our bodies. These 'controllable' factors, factors that you yourself choose, and that lead to vascular plaques and blockages far outweigh any 'uncontrollable' factors, such as genetic predisposition to CVD. Numerous recent studies in the most reputable scientific journals echo this fact.

It comes down to the way we eat and live damages our arteries, leading to CVD and death. This disease is largely self-induced and is preventable. Appreciating and addressing the links between what we do with our bodies and the processes of disease is non-negotiable for successfully preventing illness.

The responsibility of education and instruction in prevention is not only the responsibility of your doctors, it is each individuals responsibility to learn the facts and implement changes to diet, nutrition, fitness and overall life style to prevent this disease from occurring.

by Mary Wozny