Etiology of Cerebral Palsy – Commonly Observed Factors in Cerebral Palsy Etiology


Cerebral Palsy is not just a single disease with one origin. This disorder stems from multiple causes which results in a group of disorder. When it comes to etiology of cerebral palsy there are various factors to be considered. The factors like alcohol and drugs, premature birth, maternity infections etc come into the picture. Let us now discus some of these factors in detail. Long labor usually causes health problems in newborns. This health problem may also include cerebral palsy by causing a brain damage in newborn. There are two important factors which cause the potential risk of prolonged labor. Suppose your baby is stuck in birth canal and experiences lack of oxygen supply then there are high chances of occurrence of CP. If you have not delivered within 24 hours of your water breakage then such scenario may lead to cerebral palsy. Here both of these risk factors extend the labor and hence damages newborn's brain.

Most of the women are not aware of the fact that baby protection starts before one's conception. If a woman is addicted to alcohol or smoke or any other illicit drug then it means that she is taking the risk of developing cerebral palsy in her child which would result in permanent or in some devastating lifelong health problems.

Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can be considered as an etiology of cerebral palsy. The baby can not fight against the ill effects occurred due to alcohol consumption at the time of its growth in the womb. Consumption of drugs at maternity seriously affects the newborns nervous system, internal organs and blood vessels. This in turn increases the chance of brain damage and the low birth weight. The premature birth of a baby is one of the main causes of cerebral palsy. One can avoid such situations only by undergoing a thorough health checkup during pregnancy and a little bit of extra care would help your baby stay away from such complications.

The other concern that is less obvious is that you should always look for the most experienced OBGYN you can find during your pregnancy. They can offer a lot of good advice about your individual case, such as whether you should be eating more or less, or what kinds of foods might best compliment what you're already doing. Everyone is unique, and finding the best balance can make you as healthy as possible before birth. In addition, many cases of CP are caused by doctor error, so picking the best doctor really helps minimize risk.