Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Your Health

Making sure you get the proper vitamins and nutrients in your food can be a challenge. The food you eat is the best way to get your nutrients, yet it is not always practical in today's society. People do not always eat a balanced meal if they are on the go. Even if we are mindful of what we eat, there are times when we still need to supplement our diet with additional vitamins, minerals and nutrients. I highly recommend that most people take additional supplements to help make sure they are receiving their proper nutrients and to boost their immune system.

Vitamins, Minerals and other Essential nutrients are the building blocks of our cells. Proper body, brain and organ function relies on these important elements. Even though most of us do not completely understand how these elements function, we do know that they are important to our health. Let's break this down –

Regular Use of Vitamins and Minerals – I recommend a high quality daily multi-vitamin. This is insurance that you are getting at the minimum additional help. This is relatively inexpensive and easy to do. Take it in the morning after you eat breakfast. Some take two a day.

Seasonal Use of Vitamins – Most seasons require a boost in vitamins. For example – cold seasons need additional vitamin C and B. Dark seasons need additional Vitamin D. Boost your intake of these vitamins to help with these times and research what vitamins and minerals can help with allergies, colds, hot seasons, etc.

Use of Vitamins during Illness – The body can use additional supplements when it is fighting an illness. Certain vitamins and minerals aid in the process of healing and health.

Use of Vitamins during Injury – Equally, the body can use support during an injury. You are building up your body and healing, you need those additional supplements to help boost your system.

Strengthen the Immune System – Take supplements to help the body and brain strengthen itself. It's called preventative medicine and is a great strategy for health.

Cleanse & Detox – Vitamins and Minerals can help detox and cleanse the body. They help your body systems run smoothly, so they can do their natural job of eliminating toxins and waste. When the body is depleted of essential nutrients, it does not function as well.

A few favorite Vitamins & Minerals

Multiple Vitamins – Take a daily multiple vitamin ! This will provide you with a foundation for proper nutrition and will help keep you healthy.

Vitamin B – Take a Vitamin B complex . The Vitamin B category includes all the important Vitamin Bs' – B1 through B12 … this vitamin is essential. Vitamin B is essential for energy, for brain function, for cell growth, metabolism, healthy skin & muscle and for your overall health. I recommend taking an additional supplement daily, with extra doses during times of stress and fatigue.

Vitamin C – Vit C is an essential nutrient, has many benefits and is proven to help the body's immune system. Especially good for colds, allergies and illness, it is an important antioxidant. Take larger doses at the onset of a cold. Another vitamin that is recommended daily.

Vitamin D – We get most of our Vitamin D from food and the sun, yet many people can also be deficient of this important vitamin. Lack of Vitamin D can cause many issues, including depression, mood swings and fatigue. Many people need to boost their Vit D in Winter time, when it is darker.

Iron – Many people have iron deficiencies. It is one of most common know forms of nutritional deficiency and can cause anemia. Iron is essential for all your cells. You can get iron from many types of foods, but a supplement can be quite helpful.

Calcium – Get your calcium. Essential for cell and bone health as well as proper brain neurotransmitter functioning.

Magnesium – This mineral helps with many bodily functions, including production of energy and protein. It is essential to all living cells and enzymes.

Amino Acids – These building blocks are essential for brain and body function. We can get these from food, but sometimes a supplement can be helpful. Certain amino acids such as tryptophan and l-tyrosine help with depression, fatigue and mood changes. Essential amino acids can be very helpful for addiction issues and for weakened immune systems. They are essential for good brain function.

I am not listing all the essential and important vitamins and minerals, these are just a few that I think are essential for helping boost your system. There are others also … that is why I encourage taking a multiple vitamin and also to continue your research on what you may need.

Are you deficient? – If you are having health issues or are experiencing symptoms like depression or fatigue it can be very helpful to get a blood test on vitamin or mineral deficiency, this is very common and finding out this information can be very positive and life changing.

More information on Want Vitamins and Minerals? Please visit my Vitamins webpage , Which includes links to three great resource libraries where you can the find out additional info Download on all of the supplements.