Essential Oil – An Ayurvedic Boon

Essential oil is of great importance and can be found in varied forms that are derived from diverse plants. These oils are called essential as they have essence or distinctive aroma of that plant. There are various kinds of oils available that are derived from various plants using different methodologies. Essential oils can be extracted from various plants and have wide application areas in a number of fields. The oils can be extracted from different sections of various plants and diverse techniques are employed for this purpose, such as distillation, solvent extraction and others. These plant products are known for their distinct aroma that is said to have healing and mood uplifting properties.

The essential oils possess various properties that make them applicable for various purposes. In this category of essential oils, rose, sandalwood, almond, eucalyptus, neem, ginger, jojoba and plenty of other oils are available. These are widely used in aromatherapy for curing various ailments including the uplifting of mind. The application areas of essential oils also include soap, perfume making and many other sectors. These are known to have solubility in various different liquid; all oils are not soluble in water. These are diluted in their respective solvents and can then be used for various purposes. Highly pure oil is concentrated and it needs to be diluted before application. Various ayurvedic and folk medicines make use of these essential oils for curing ailments. The aroma, fumes of incense sticks made by using these oils and other products of these oils have medicinal value. One of the most important things considered about the usage of these oils is that it should be taken, in any form under the guidance of respective experts. The usage and value of these oils are highly admirable and prove beneficial for the mankind. With the advancement of technology, these essential oils are extracted in a number of ways that provide high yielding of these products.

Beauty, cosmetic, massage and various other sectors need these oils for making valuable products. Seed, fruit, flower and stem are the parts of plants which can be used to extract the oil. Use of these oils is highly recommended in ayurveda as these are easily absorbed in the body. These can be easily re-applied on the body for fast relief in case of requirement. High valued tulsi and other oils are used in curing cough, pain, cold and various other ailments. Shampoo, lotion and variety of other products are also made using variegated essential oils. The use of these oils provides mental as well as physical refinement.