Essential Bathroom Aids for the Disabled – Part 2


In Part 1 of this article I spoke about Shower Benches, Grab Bars and Handheld Shower Heads, all which allow disabled and limited mobility individuals to be safe and comfortable in the shower or bathtub. Now I want to tell you about some other amazing products for use in your bathroom that will help keep you from falling. Remember – the majority of injuries that occur in the bathroom are from falls.

  • Bath / Shower Mat – These are non-slip mats designed for the bathtub or shower. They keep your feet off a slippery tub and, instead, give you a soft, padded surface to stand on. Probably everyone has slept in the bathtub or shower at one time or another and, hopefully, without any injury. So why continue to take the chance of falling when you can have a nice, soft pad under your feet to keep them steady.

These mats, which come in many sizes, can cover the bottom of your entire tub or be just enough to stand on your shower. They are sturdy and surprisingly light to handle. The best part is that they do not bunch up – they stay in place when you are moving around. The last thing you want is a large wrinkle in the pad to trip over.

  • Toilet Seats – There's something special about a toilet seat that makes it easy to get on and off. Too many toilets are very low and you have to stoop down to sit on them. That's why there are portable toilet seats that fit easily on top of your toilet bowl seat to gain an extra 6 inches. These seats can be padded for extra comfort. There are also arms that you can purchase to help raise you raise up and down.

    These toilet seats are lightweight, portable and easy to clean. They can support up to 300-500 pounds, depending on the model. There are also some seats that are elongated up to 19 inches for larger people.

    It's important to avoid the risk of falling when using a toilet. These special seats are almost indicative for the handicapped in preventing falls.

  • Other Bathroom Aids – There are many other bathroom aids that are available for the disabled or handicapped. One of these aids is a wand-like item used for self- cleaning after the toilet. The paper is then disposed of directly into the toilet. I had both shoulders operated on a few years ago and, believe me, I wish I had known about this product then!

    There are also unisex-designed bags that make it possible to go to the bathroom when a toilet is not available. This is great if you have stress incontinence or other health issues that cause frequent urination. These bags are filled with gel that absorbs the urine and they can be used over again because they have a snap-close top which eliminates spilling. This product is also a wonderful item to keep in the glove compartment of your car for long drives, especially if you have kids. It avoids stopping on the road or looking for a store that has a bathroom. If you have kids you will know what I mean.

As you can see, there are many types of bathroom aids for the disabled or handicapped to make their life much easier and safer. Do not be the next victim of a fall or injury. These products will help keep you safe and secure!