Erectile Dysfunction Treatment With Supplements and Enlargement Devices

Let's start off with some facts. Erectile Dysfunction effects 1 in every 10 men in the world today. This is based on information from Minnesota Men's Health Center. What this means is the inability to maintain an appreciation or get one in the first place. You may not of known there are degrees of this impotence problem. They range from mild to severe. Mild cases have no problem 70% -80% of the time and sever cases never see improvement.

In order to treat impotence there are a few different types of methods. The most effective method is the safe route. This is a non-prescription method of male enhancement called Male Extra that uses herbs and nutrients that have been proven to increase blood flow as well as improve the health of your blood vessels and skin durability. The main ingredients of this supplement include Pomegranate, Muira Pauma, and Horny Goat Weed among many more aphrodisiacs that have been used to treat erectile dysfunction for centuries.

The next method is a male enhancement device or an extender. This will only work for men who are at least 4 inches big already. The way it works is like working out muscles. Extenders like the Jes-Extender or Phallosan use comfortable and high quality materials to improve your length and size by at least 1.5 inches. This is a good thing to use if you suffer from ED because it helps your corpus cavernosum get into shape and become much healthier. Additionally, it is able to be filled with blood much easier and has more endurance. Keep in mind this should be used in mild to moderate cases.