Erectile Dysfunction: Prelude to Heart Attack and Men’s Worst Fear

Erectile dysfunction is a prelude to a heart attack. The unspoken fear of millions of men all around the globe, ED as how others coin it, is a sign of an upcoming heart failure. With this, it is but wise to confer sexual wellbeing with your doctor. He probably is the only authority to prescribe the right medication to better your overall sexual health and the main man who can save you from a possible heart attack. Let me walk you through should you be one among the millions in hiding with erection failure.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the failure to have penile erection and a burden to 1/3 of all mature men ages 40 to 70. Trigger factors include anxiety, depression, disorders of the nervous and circulatory system, poor testosterone production, and side effects of prolonged and indiscriminate drug use. And with the above triggers, it is poor circulatory system that cause a great damage with Atherosclerosis at the top of the list.

Atherosclerosis Explained

Atherosclerosis first affects men initially in the penis then to his heart and goes on to damage the arteries in his brain. Limbs usually end up affected last. Since its primary symptom is erectile dysfunction, one then should take it as an early warning of a stroke or cardiac arrest bound to happen in the next couple of years upon first noticing symptoms of erectile dysfunction. People with atherosclerosis have their blood vessels dilate ineffectively, hence the term endothelial dysfunction. Cholesterol in the bloodstream becomes plaque and constricts the walls of the blood vessels thereby narrowing down the passage of fresh oxygenated blood and high blood pressure sets in. Bad thing is, if the buildup of cholesterol plaque becomes massive, it can downright stop the passage of blood, thus the unfortunate event of a heart attack.

Measures To Take Upon Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction

Schedule a visit to your doctor. Don’t hold out on your concern. Getting embarrassed will do you no good. It may even be possible that if your doctor is a lot older than you are, he might as well be having ED himself. The usual procedure when getting some expert medical advice is, after telling him how frequent is your dysfunction, he will do a series of tests like taking your blood pressure and reading on your blood chemistry results. From here, he can pinpoint all risk factors causing the dysfunction.

Preventing Heart Attack

Generally, doctors recommendation are strict diet, regular exercise, and if necessary hand out medications. The first two is basic to having perfect heart health and Plan A to preventing atherosclerosis. Low salt, low saturated fat diet, cholesterol watch, optimum calorie intake goes a long way in keeping you away from a heart attack. More highly advanced medical procedures are available presently; but why wait for invasive procedures when we can start preventing the risk of atherosclerosis with a mere 5 minute walk each day? One other way to keep health perfect is to stop smoking. Cigarettes worsen people with diabetes and ED, and not a single health benefit does it bring.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Your doctor upon keeping your heart health stable will let you begin ED treatment. A common medication program includes a synthetic pill that works to inhibit PDE5. However, in as much as the positive results, other patients experience a handful of untoward side effects with the use of this type of medication with untimely deaths included on the list. It is for this reason that many, with many it means millions of men worldwide resorted to using herbal and natural male enhancers convinced with the fact that herbal alternative medicines carries no or lesser side effects. Among these ‘herbal viagra’ supplements as what many satisfied users fondly call it are Horny Goat Weed, Licorice Root, Gorgon Fruit Lily and Chinese Wolfberry.

In conclusion, a man suffers erectile dysfunction especially as he grows older. However, our main concern is preventing atherosclerosis whose primary indicator is erectile dysfunction. At the onset of sexual dysfunction, expect a heart attack or a failure in 4 to 5 years. But don’t be overly confident on this as some patients reported to having experience it as early as 2 years. Fix your sex life and you’re on the way to preventing a heart attack.